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Chainsaw Games: 10 Great Video Games with Chainsaws

Last Updated on June 13, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

If you are reading this now I am going to assume that you are an unquenchable gorehound. Your enthusiasm for bloody and squishy things is endless. When playing video games, the use of chainsaw on an opponent connects into your brain and boils your blood and the buzzing sound of the saw adds up to the intense game action you will experience.

Aside from being among the most horrifying weapons built by man, the chainsaw is also a tool chosen by some serial killers and madmen. Playing this kind of video games using chainsaw should not be for the young people. Also, you must have the stomach to see brutal and bloody actions. Below is ten of the greatest video games with chainsaws.


In Splatterhouse, Biggy Man is a boss character who plays as a mutated human with attached chainsaws in his hands. Having chainsaws attached to his arms, Biggy Man can easily allocate massive damage to its enemies.

The Biggy Man was presumably a reference to Evil Dead, a 1980’s horror movie series where Ash, the main character, has a chainsaw attached as a replacement of his lost hand. Combining Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie and Ninja Gaiden will bring you Splatterhouse.

Bayonetta 2

In Bayonetta 2 the pair of chain-swords is named Salamandra. You can use it to execute a chainsaw-esque attack. The cool thing about this chainsaw game is not just the hot women and magic, you can skate also skate with the chainsaws!

In-Game Description (from Wikia.com)

“Chainsaws that resourcefully use every inch of the infernal dragon Salamandra. Its sharp scales were forged into the weapons’ teeth, and its heart supplies their engines. At full throttle, their teeth easily rip apart even the hardest of iron skin and ravage deep through flesh below.”

Shank 2

In Shank 2, chainsaw is a default weapon that Shank uses in the beginning. The chainsaw is slow but it damages great. In this game it is best used with big and slow opponents. With just one swing it has the ability to give multiple hits.

Lollipop Chainsaw

In Lollipop Chainsaw, Juliet, the sexy main character, fights through a large group of zombies using a chainsaw. All throughout the journey, Juliet tags along his boyfriend, Nick, a disembodied head dangling in her waist and can be attached to a zombie that’s decapitated by Juliet. It’s like The Walking Dead encounters a cheesy teen drama.


In Manhunt, Piggsy is a fat, middle aged human, also cannibalistic and mentally disturbed murderer who wears a pig’s head over his face and massacres all those who crosses his path using a chainsaw. The cool feature about Piggsy’s chainsaw in Manhunt, is that it can be turned on and off as to not evoke attention.


In Doom, the chainsaw is a melee-based weapon that mutilates opponents at 525 hits per minute. Pick it up and you’ll hear the message “A Chainsaw! Find some meat!” It is used to conserve ammo and it works flawlessly on opponents with high pain state using its “rapid-fire”. In Doom 3, the chainsaw was parodied where a shipment was sent mistakenly to Mars. Metal Gear Rising

Left 4 Dead 2

In Left 4 Dead 2 the chainsaw was an added melee weapon, finally making its bloody kickoff. Stepping in to the safe room was the hardest with a river of zombies approaching, especially when the team is weak and almost out of ammo, but the chainsaw mended this by allowing us to cut the zombies down through their midsection.

Grand Theft Auto

In GTA, the player can get a chainsaw to utilize as a weapon. Rev the chainsaw in public and the civilians will panic. Armed people may retaliate against you or opponent gang members will attack you. You will gain one-star wanted level if a police officer in the vicinity. 

The chainsaw can skillfully get rid of parts such as bumpers, hoods and even vehicle doors. Everyone has their favored weapon of choice but nothing compares to the pleasure the chainsaw found in mostly every version of Grand Theft Auto.

Gears of War

In Gears of War, the Lancer is a medium-range rifle with a chainsaw attachment for clearing your path out from difficult situations. It is the most iconic chainsaw in all video chainsaw games.

You won’t get bored with the Lancer as it comes in different variants including Chrome, Flaming, Golden, Liquid Metal, Onyx Lancer and the Team Insignia Lancer. You have to unlock each weapon though, in different circumstances. The Gears of War is probably the best chainsaw game than you can get. Is it a chainsaw that is a gun or a gun that is a chainsaw? You decide.

These are but virtual chainsaws but for real life chainsaws to use for tasks, it is important to ensure you have nothing but the best equipment handy. To help you with your choices, you can check out our review for the best chainsaws of 2016.