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12 Surprise Benefits of Losing Weight

Last Updated on June 10, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

Losing weight is a pain, literally and figuratively. It is never easy and involves denying yourself of things that you like, all so you can reach a particular point.

There might be something specific that you’re targeting to see at the end of your weight loss journey, maybe a particular weight or dress size or BMI. Whatever it is, you will get to it, and there will be a bonus. These are things that will happen to you once you shed some weight and start to live a more healthy lifestyle.

  1. Better sleep. Part of your weight loss journey probably involved getting a better handle on your sleep cycle and processes, but it doesn’t just end there. When you’re healthier overall, you’ll get a better quality of sleep. Some researchers claim that losing as little (or much depending on how you look at it) as five percent of your body weight will help you sleep better for far longer. Additionally, removing excess fat from your body will be profoundly curative if you snore or have sleep apnea.
  2. Better hormonal balance. Hormones play a very crucial role in maintaining the body’s functions. They affect and influence nearly every process, system and function of the body. The thyroid glands, for example, make and release two hormones that are vital to regulating the body’s metabolism as well as determining muscle strength and a few other things in the body. Losing weight causes the hormones in the body to stabilize making it easier for your body to function but also allowing you to lose even more weight.
  3. Improved sex drive and increased sexual performance. Turns out losing weight is an excellent way to turn to a tiger in the sack. Who knew? Scientists and researchers have linked weight loss to a boost in the testosterone levels in both males and females and also recorded increased blood flow to the pelvic area, leading to an increased libido. There have also been some studies linking better physical conditions and physical fitness in general to greater satisfaction in the bedroom. So not only do you get in the mood more often, but you also have more fun and satisfaction for you and your partner.
  4. Better mood. In the process of losing weight, you will have committed to a form of physical activity or more. Whether it is kickboxing, running or simply going to the gym more often, your body has gotten used to being pushed to its limits. This is also good for your mental state and mental fitness. When you work out, your brain releases feel-good chemicals that are referred to as endorphins. You know that post-workout high you get when you feel on top of the world. Yup, endorphins. Endorphins interact with your brain’s reactors to give your body a positive feeling similar to what morphine does.
  5. Less stress on your joints. Your joints have the crazy job of supporting your entire frame so no matter what happens, they won’t remain in factory conditions all your life. Everyday wear and tear will affect everyone at some point in life, but when you’re carrying around extra weight, especially around the middle, matters are considerably worse. So the less you weigh, the less your skeletal frame and joints are forced to lug from place to place, the less joint pain and damage.
  6. Better looking skin. This cool bonus advantage of slimming down is hard to hide and easy to glory in. On your way to weight loss, you consumed a lot more nutrients in the form of fruits and vegetables, and you sweated out a lot more toxins and waste product. All of these add up to the beautiful glowing skin. To ensure this, wash up after cardio sessions to ensure that clogged pores and unwanted acne don’t form.
  7. Stress relief. Losing weight is already a huge load off your chest in the ‘things to stress about’ department. But that’s not where it ends. All the stuff you’re doing to lose weight, from eating right to exercising to sleeping right is right up there as the greatest tools in your battle against stress and anxiety. So you’ll find that not only have you lost weight, you’re living a more relaxed life.
  8. More money. This is basic math. If you’re eating and drinking less (to lose weight0 then you’re spending less money on food and drinks. You can do whatever you want with the money you save by being healthier. How is this not a win-win?
  9. Fewer colds and common ailments. The best preventive for the common cold is? If you said Vitamin C supplements and packets, you’d be wrong. A healthy lifestyle is the best thing to strengthen your immune system. Eating right, sleeping right and exercising will boost your immune system more than anything else will.
  10. Better memory. Losing weight does wonders not only for your physical body but your mind as well. Being more active and losing weight can boost your IQ. Researchers have discovered that your memory is strengthened when you lose weight. Who knows, you might remember your aunt’s birthday!
  11. Better wardrobe. Do not listen to what anyone says, looking good is just as important as feeling good. And you know that when the weight is off, you look pretty damn good. Unfortunately, if you walked around naked just because you look good, you’d either end up in a mental home or dead from exposure. Still, you get to buy all those great looking clothes that you’ve only fantasized over and lingered over like a million times. Losing weight gives you the confidence to show off your style or experiment with a new one entirely. Either way, your wardrobe will look awesome.
  12. More adventurous. One dangerous and beautiful side effect of losing weight is a serious boost in self-confidence. This will allow you the freedom to do more and push more boundaries and try new stuff with the final consequence being that you become more adventurous in all aspects of your life.

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