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Benefits of Getting a Stairlift

Last Updated on June 11, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

amazingmachines.info-stairliftAlthough it may seem somewhat too fancy or even absurd for some people, a stairlift is a welcome addition to any home to anyone who has limited mobility, and although it looks futuristic, stairlifts have been around for a long time (we can all thank Crespin the entrepreneur from Pennsylvania for designing the stairlift way back in the 20’s.)

A self-taught engineer, Crespin built the first prototype of the reclining chair and called it the Inclinator, however, prior to Crespin’s design, Frederick Muffett of Royal Tunbridge Wells has already invented and patented what he called “An Invalid Chair with Tramway for use on Staircases”,   however, research has also shown that such equipment has existed way back during the time of King Henry VIII!

(The King is said to have been injured during jousting which affected him badly)

Now that you know the history of the stairlift, it’s time to go a little further to know more about it.

First off, you may be wondering why you or anyone would need a stairlift for their home when you’re not even royalty to start with?

What benefits does a stairlift give you and does it really help?

Stairlifts are not just meant for the rich and famous, in fact, a lot of people can benefit from a stairlift.

Stairlifts are really beneficial not only to those who want to spice up their homes but also to those who have a disability. But how exactly?

Here are the following benefits of why you should get a stairlift :

  • Independence – many seniors and people with disabilities will feel isolated despite being surrounded by supportive and caring friends and family. Some will even think and believe that they are nothing but a burden to the people around them, however, all that can change with the use of a stairlift. You’ll get to move around as much as you can once again and enjoy doing the things you love.
  • Safety –  you’ll no longer have to worry about moving around your house with the fear of falling down the stairs or struggling on your way up. Having a stairlift in your home can help you move around more and get things done efficiently, this will be especially helpful if you’re carrying laundry or anything that may hinder your sight from going up and down the stairs. This will also save you a lot of time so you can get more things done.  Don’t worry, many stairlifts are also thoroughly checked by its manufacturers before being sold, and many sellers will offer warranty and even maintenance (terms and condition may vary from company to company)  after you have purchased from them.  
  • It’s Practical –  although it looks fancy and expensive, stairlifts are actually very affordable and economical. And with many people living longer nowadays, it can be considered an investment. Having a stairlift in your home can help you get around and get things done easily, in fact, you’ll actually get to save a lot by installing a stairlift in your home rather than hiring or buying equipments and or services; you’ll get to enjoy the independence and peace of mind stairlifts will offer you.
  • Flexibility – regardless of the manufacturer, stairlifts were designed to fit any type and even design of staircases! You can even your stairlift installed on any side of your stairs, whichever best you feel comfortable. It even comes with adjustable controls that can accommodate any person of any size. You can also fold your stairlift after every use as to avoid your children (especially your grandkids) from playing around with it. Installers will also be more than willing to help you pick the best style for your home, not only that, stairlifts also have a lot of easy to use controls that you can use to make things more convenient for you and your family.

Now that you know everything about stairlifts, it’s time for you to get your own stairlift to make it more convenient and easy for you to move around your house and get things done, especially your hobbies or become more involved with your family and friends.

There’s even an outdoor stairlift that can help you move around much easier and do things around, and even outside your house to move around and do things like gardening.    

Modern stairlifts, unlike their first prototypes, are more quiet, safe and reliable. You’ll be thankful that you can move around much freely without worrying others.

Stairlifts are also made and designed for your utmost comfort, every part of the stairlift, especially the chair is made meticulously to provide the best experience for the users, the seats will swivel and immediately lock into place to help the user get on and off the stairlift, not only that, stairlifts also have a parking spot that can usually be located at the end or middle of the track, especially if it’s on a curved track.   

You also don’t have to exert any effort in using your stairlift as it can do all the job for you, and many more! You don’t need to worry about power interruptions – stairlifts have backup power that will ensure the users won’t get stuck halfway in their stairs and will have to drag themselves up, in fact, it’s enough for ten trips up and down your stairs.

Stairlifts also have a self-diagnostic display that will tell the users that something is wrong with their stairlift, one can simply pick up their phones and get in touch with an engineer to help them fix their problems or come over to fix their stairlift personally.

The users can also lock the stairlift to avoid others from using or playing with it when not in use (this will definitely give you some peace of mind when your grandchildren come over during the holidays.)

Stairlifts can definitely help elders and those with limited mobility reclaim their lives and live it to the fullest, many manufacturers, sellers, and specialists are more than willing to help you find the perfect stairlift for your home, and even office!

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