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Finding the Best Chainsaw Below $150

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Trees are awesome living creatures that can live up to a hundred years. While it may seem cruel to cut them down, keep in mind that they also pose a threat to humanity once they grow too old and deteriorate. When old trees fall, they block the roads causing obstructions that need to be cut and removed immediately. This is when a chainsaw comes to the picture.

How a Chainsaw Works

A chainsaw’s mechanism consists of two parts, a blade that’s built with a chain and a little engine equipped with one cylinder that carries gasoline. A chainsaw’s chain is very much like that of a bicycle, which runs on sprockets. The blade’s teeth is about 30 or so and are made from reinforced steel alloy. At the heart of the engine is a piston that moves in and out and pushes a rod to make the crankshaft turn. The crankshaft then makes connected gears via sprockets. The chain in return will spin around. Some individuals look for the best electric chainsaw, while others seek for the popular yet simple gas-powered chainsaw.

Top Chainsaws Below $150

 1. WORX 16-inch Electric Chainsaw

A cut from the rest, WORX Electric Chainsaw features convenient chain replacement without having to use any tools. It also has a revolutionary automatic tensioning system, which includes a large knob. This knob secures the chain and bar and automatically controls the tension. The tensioning system also prevents occurrence of over tightening by the life of chain and bar. WORX Electric Chainsaw does not need any gas to operate and can handle even the toughest tasks, thanks to its powerful mechanism that boasts 3.5 horsepower. Rear handle is made of over molded rubber, while front is fully wrapped for maximum control and comfort.

2. WORX 18-inch Electric Chainsaw

Finding the Best Chainsaw Below $150Yet another entry from WORX is the WG304.1 4-HP Electric Chainsaw with powerful 15 amp motor. This top selling chainsaw ensures safety through its brake that’s built within the system. Like other WORX chainsaw models, it features auto tensioning system and emits no gases. When you look inside the package, it comes fully assembled straight from the box. WORX 4HP 18-inch Chainsaw is backed by two full year warranty.

3. Poulan Pro Gas Powered Chainsaw

Professional cutting like no other, this is what Poulan Gas Powered Chainsaw is designed for. Among the highlights of this product are reduced-vibration handle, easy pull start, aluminum clutch cover, auto chain oiler, SuperClean air filter, easy-access spark plug and air filter, 50cc engine, purge and spring assist, dual post, locking scrench holder, and handy carrying bag. According to verified customer reviews, this chainsaw has the best features for the price, delivers its promises, and efficiently maintains air filter in good working condition.

4. BLACK + DECKER Lithium Ion Chainsaw
If you are in the market for a chainsaw that operates 5 times longer, then BLACK+DECKER is your friend. The credit goes to its 20 volt lithium ion battery, which is proven durable and runs for maximum time. The 10-inch bar and chain gives off low kickback and allows you to get smooth cuts, faster than usual entry level chainsaws. Like its rivals above, it features a tool-free blade tensioning system, providing quick adjustments and ease of use. In addition, it is made more convenient by its super light body. Being lightweight also gives you less fatigue when cutting. One of the things that make the BLACK+DECKER Chainsaw is its wrap around handle, which enables you to maneuver securely, safely, and comfortably. The oil system uses an improved mechanism and a clear window so you can effortlessly gauge the level of fuel.

5. Remington RM1425 14-inch Electric Chainsaw
Compact but rugged, these are the best words that describe the Remington 14-inch Electric Chainsaw. It is primarily designed to cut sapling and small tree limbs; however, its engine is solid enough boasting 8 Amp power. The bar and chain draws low kickback, while oiler can be activated with a single push of a button. For reliable tensioning, it is designed with external adjustment technology. Electric chainsaws such as this do not require refilling of gasoline, hence you can save more, get more convenience, and can start the engine with ease. It is fully assembled right out of the box . Whatever your cutting goals is, you can rest assured that it can be done by Remington RM1425 Chainsaw.

There you have the best chainsaws that are tagged no more than $150. Though they are priced significantly lower than leading brands, the quality, features, build, and performance of these cutting monsters cannot be underestimated. With proper care and maintenance, they can last you many years of use. What’s more is that you can use them not only for tree-cutting but also for rescuing trapped fellows in case of fire and flashfloods.

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