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Best Golf Push Cart – Easy Handle to Improve Control and Comfort

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A golf push cart can perform an important role in carrying the weight of the clubs. Thus freeing the golfer from worries and stress while on the course.

They help to transfer energy from the natural walking position of the golfer to the wheels. It does this by taking advantage of the forward momentum you generate while walking. Another interesting concept about golf push carts is that they have ergonomic handles. They reduce the strain on golfer’s shoulders. This could have been suffered while using a two-wheeled pull cart.

There are a couple of studies online that shows why using a golf push cart can lead to better results on the green for any golfer.

Besides making the golfer better at his game, the best golf push cart also reduces the incidence of strain. Hence any chance of injury to the shoulders or the core.

There are a couple of things you need to know about the types of golf cart available on the market. So you can choose the one that fulfills all your needs.

Quick Comparison of Top 5 Best Golf Push Carts

  • best golf push cart
  • CaddyTek EZ-fold 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart
  • 18.5 lbs
  • Press
  • Read review
  • best golf push cart
  • CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart
  • 12.2 lbs
  • Push
  • Read review
  • Editor’s Choice

  • best golf push cart
  • CaddyTek One-Click Folding 4 Wheel Version 3 Golf Push Cart
  • 17 lbs
  • Press
  • Read review
  • best golf push cart
  • CaddyTek SuperLite Explorer 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart
  • 14 lbs.
  • Push
  • Read review
  • best golf push cart
  • Clicgear Rovic RV1S Swivel Golf Push Cart
  • 10 lbs
  • Read review

Here are the different types of Golf Push Cart

Pull Golf Carts

Pull Golf Carts are suitable for beginner golfers who don’t have a reservoir of equipment yet. They’re designed with simplicity and style and you can pull it behind you as you walk. One major problem with pull golf carts is that they have a limit of what they can carry. Other than that, they are quite light, sturdy, and need little to no energy to use.

Electric Golf Carts

Electric Golf Carts got their name from what powers them. They’re driven by a motor which makes using them around the grass quick and fun to do. Using electric golf carts while out on the course is an excellent way to preserve your energy while out in the sun. But it has its shortcomings as well. You have to be aware of the battery. As it’s often believed that the battery may not maintain a  charge for more than one round at a go.

Push Golf Carts

They are one of the most attractive options for golfers. Also, it is also one of the most popular options available on the market. What you would notice about push golf carts is that the trolley has three wheels. This will bring a certain level of stability as you move on the course. They are also a bit larger in size and may need the use of more energy than the pull cart. Especially if you have a lot of gear with you on the green.

Buyer’s Guide

1. Size

When it comes to choosing the best golf push cart, having a cart that is collapsible and compact in size. This feature alone could be the difference between a golf push cart. It can fit the trunk of your car and the one that needs to be tied to the roof rack. Mobility is everything in the game of golf – during practice as well as when playing it. As a golfer, there is always a need to move from one location to another on the course. That means there will always be a need to transport your gear from place to place. It is important to note that not all golf push carts can be folded easily and placed on the back of your car.

2. Handles

You need handles that are strong, durable, and ergonomic enough to achieve a good grip during use. An ergonomic handle means you would have a good amount of maneuverability on the course. Ergonomic handles should feel natural on your skin and allow for steering satisfaction.

3. Seating Options

Some golf carts have a seating option for you to use while on the course. A seating option means there will be extra weight to the device. But, it does offer relief while on the course during your game.

4. Brake Features

A good golf push cart should come with brake features. As this ensures your safety when you walk away to take your shot. Brakes also bring a level of stability to the vehicle when you’re using the seating features to relax while on the green. What you need to look for is a golf push cart that has a parking brake on all three of the wheels. This would create more security on uneven terrain.

5. Ease of use

What’s the point of purchasing a golf push cart that is difficult to use? Make sure the locks are easy to engage and the bags can be attached. As well as other compartments in the cart should be quickly accessed. Also, note that for every extra weight added to the cart, the more difficult it would be to use.

  1. CaddyTek EZ-fold 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart

Reviewers rave about the CaddyTek pushcart, and it’s fantastic practical utility. The golf push cart is quite affordable for the value it offers. The cart comes with some impressive features. It has a one-click button folds the cart to a compact size that can fit into your vehicle. Also, it has a press to break and release the foot brake. As well as a basket with a built-in cooler, mesh net, Umbrella holder, and storage rack. There’s so much storage space in the cart; you have an endless space to stash your snacks. The golf push cart is also lightweight. Hence rolls smoothly over all kinds of terrain thanks to its wide tires. Another great feature of the cart is the adjustable height of the handle. You don’t have to bend too low and suffer from back pain to push a cart. Golf push carts are easy to expand and retract; this makes it easy to store. The cart is sturdy and goes uphill or downhill without toppling over. Overall, the CaddyTek push cart has a solid construction and it is functional. It comes highly recommended.

The most amazing thing about this product is the price you pay for its value. It is very affordable yet loaded with impressive and useful features. Some buyers complain that the front wheel rubs against the bottom of the golf bag. But, this can be fixed by making sure the wheel is rotated to its ‘use’ or ‘store’ position.
Storing the CaddyTek pushcart is easy, despite its size. The one-click button retracts the pushcart into a compact size. So it can fit into places.
Moving uphill or downhill over rough or smooth terrain won’t be difficult. The wide wheels of the cart have excellent traction. While the construction of the cart is stable and sturdy.
There are several compartments for storing food or valuables in the cart. It comes with some useful accouterments like an umbrella holder and a drink holder.

  1. CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart

The SuperLite Deluxe seems to be a prettier, more portable version of the EZ-fold. Both golf push carts have similar features, and the SuperLite is as functional as the EZ-fold. The primary difference being that the SuperLite is cheaper. Hence it is a four-wheeled pushcart.

It comes with some high-quality equipment as well. Such as the carry-all bag, cup holder, cooler, umbrella holder, and the insulated pouch.

The cart also folds up to a compact size with a single click of a button, so it is very easy to store and to carry around. Despite its size, the SuperLite appears to be very sturdy and stable. It is also easy to maneuver over all kinds of terrain.

We love the fact that this cart is handy and easy to assemble. There is little to no hassle when storing it as well. As the cart folds up into a small and compact size that can fit close quarters storage facilities.

It may have some difficulty on grass (tall grass) terrain, but it will pull through. The SuperLite is perfect for beginners who are new to golfing and do not want to spend a fortune on equipment. It’s a great buy.

This push cart is best described as handy. It is easy to assemble, to use, and maneuver. Storage is also easy as the cart folds up into a small and compact size. There’s hardly a fault to find with the SuperLite. A slight problem is a difficulty it may have on grass, but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed.
The SuperLite is a super portable pushcart, great for kids and adults alike. The four wheels have traction and give it balance. Its sturdy construction keeps it stable, so there’s no chance of it falling over. We also noticed a lack of balance even when the handle is upright as it can be.
It goes for a very affordable price, a lot less than the EZ-fold but with similar features. It’s not well constructed.
The accessories and equipment that come with the SuperLite are useful. It has a cooler and cup holder to hold your drinks and an umbrella holder in case of inclement weather. It seems like a pretty good deal.
The cart has an attractive design and is likely to win you compliments on the golf course.

  1. CaddyTek One-Click Folding 4 Wheel Version 3 Golf Push Cart

Another highly recommended Golf Push Cart is the Caddytek Push Cart. Like the SuperLite Deluxe, this cart also features four wheels. It is lightweight and affordable. Also, it folds into a compact size and you can store it with ease.

To fold it, press the one-click button as the name implies. The cart features a foot brake which you don’t have to use as it is so sturdy. It might not roll away even if you are moving downhill. If you need refreshments on the golf course and somewhere to store your smartphones and other valuables, this cart has your back.

It has ample storage space for whatever you need to stash; it also includes a cooler, cup, and umbrella holder. The cart’s weight, price, and ease of use make it popular with newbie golfers that want utility and value without breaking the bank.

The one-click folding cart is as handy as the SuperLite and also very portable. Maneuvering the cart on different kinds of terrain is not difficult. Some current owners believe the foot brake is a little hard to reach when you need it.
Affordable, attractive, and easy to use. This cart would make an excellent gift for your kid or friend that’s new to golfing. The four-wheel design makes this golf cart difficult to maneuver.
The storage spaces are great for keeping things you would not want to lose on the golf course. Hence for storing snacks and refreshments.

  1. CaddyTek SuperLite Explorer 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart

You would love the SuperLite Explorer at first sight. The Explorer has an impressive and stylish design with cool features. It is very lightweight, lighter than the SuperLite Deluxe, and the CaddyTek One-Click. It has two rear and two front wheels and will glide on any terrain, even on grassy areas. The cart folds into a compact size with two simple steps and can fit into most compartments. It can also be carried around with ease. The Explorer, like the previous models, also has ample storage space. You can fit in your golf balls, scorecards, tees, smartphones, and wallets. As well as valuables even water bottles, beverages, and snacks. The Explorer push is overall, a great buy.

The handle height of the cart is adjustable, so you do not have to bend your back to push the cart. The handle is quite small and uncomfortable and may fall off at times.
Easy to assemble and use. The Explorer is another handy and functional cart that comes at an affordable price.
The stretch band allows you to fit several bags without the need for adjustments.
The cart is lightweight and rolls smoothly over any course.

  1. Clicgear Rovic RV1S Swivel Golf Push Cart

The Clicgear Rovic golf push cart is another three-wheel wonder. You can push and maneuver this little fella on any golf course with ease. One of the cart’s special features is the large console provided for storage. You can shove and stash anything in there. The Rovic also comes with a foot brake for secure parking. It also has a lock fold button to expand retract the cart with ease. Moreover, it has a swivel wheel lock for even better control and an umbrella mount. As well as a cup holder, and two accessory tabs for holding the Rover accessories. Reviewers rave about the lightness of The Rovic RV1S. The cart is compact and lightweight. It folds into a small size that you can fit into your vehicle or store anywhere. The RV1S comes highly recommended.

The wide tires of the cart give it great support, and the swivel front wheel is an excellent feature. No need to lift the pushcart when making turns. Folding in and out might be a bit of a chore.
Sturdy, easy to use, and easy to assemble, the Clicgear Rovic is a great product. You set it up, and everything clicks into place. One pushcart you won’t regret buying.
The product is very affordable and comes with a three-year warranty from Clicgear.

  1. Clicgear 3.5+ Golf Push Cart

This is another impressive golf push cart from the Clicgear brand. It delivers great performance on the golf course and is also incredibly functional. The cart features a solid, sturdy, lightweight, and durable construction. It is easy to maneuver over any golf course and light enough for your kids to handle or push around. The cart features a full console with a golf ball tee holders and pencil. This golf cart has a handbrake, unlike the Rovic which features a foot brake instead. A handbrake is more convenient, and it is easier and less awkward to use. Accessories are included in this little package. As the cart comes with four accessory tabs for adding Clicgear accessories. It also features a cup holder and umbrella mount.

The Clicgear comes with an adjustable bag saddle system. It can accommodate all bag sizes. Most reviewers complain that the cart is quite big. Although it folds down to a portable size and is easy to maneuver. It is larger than most models and if you are not a fan of big golf push carts, this is not for you.
The cart is sturdy, stylish, and folds into a compact size for easy storage. The cup holder is small and can barely fit most types of soda cans or cups. It also takes both hands to fit anything into it.
The handbrake is a great feature as it is less awkward to use than a foot brake which can take some getting used to.

  1. Clicgear Model 8 Golf Push Cart

The Model 8 golf push cart features a sleek and impressive design. It is an eye-catching cart and comes in a lovely charcoal color. This beauty is four-wheeled with a dual front-wheel brake system. It also features a dual-wheel alignment adjustment system. The cart folds down into a compact size and has a slide to close feature. Model 8 comes with its array of accessories. They include a cup holder that comes in two sizes, four accessory tabs, and a handle mounted hand brake. Also, it has a bag strap, storage clip, an umbrella holder, and a convenient lock slide handle. As well as a large console with magnetic closure and a step guard to keep the cart in place while folding. With so many accessories, it will be quite difficult not to be sold on this product. The Model 8 is a significant improvement on the 3.5 + and a good upgrade too.

Not only is the Model 8 stylish, but it is also very functional. The product comes with a lot of accessories like the cup holder and umbrella holder. Some buyers complain that the Model 8 offers some resistance when pushed. If this is not a problem you are ready to deal with, then this Clicgear is not for you.
The cart is stable, sturdy, and very durable. It folds up into a nice compact size that makes storage and transport very easy.
It is simple to use, and it expands and retracts with little effort on your part.

  1. Paragon 3-Wheelie Push Pull Folding 3 Wheel Golf Cart

The Paragon Push Cart has an incredibly unique design. It is a three-wheel cart with 12″ rear wheels that glide smoothly over different kinds of terrain. Also, it features a foot brake for parking. The cart has a solid construction, and it is stable and sturdy. However, the Paragon has mixed reviews, but most tend to be positive. The cart comes with a set of accessories. Such as a cup holder, cooler, range finder, speaker, and umbrella holder. It folds easily and comes with a mesh bag for storage.

The Paragon is lightweight and sturdy. It has a unique and stylish design, and it is quite easy to use. The paragon cart is not very durable. Its parts tend to fall apart quickly.
It includes a few useful accessories like the rangefinder and speaker. These are great companions on a golf course. The cupholder also breaks easily.
The tires of the cart have traction, and it glides smoothly over the golf course.

  1. Bag Boy Golf -Tri Swivel Cart Push Cart

The front-wheel swivel is one of the best features of the Bag Boy golf cart. It eliminates the problem of hooking on rough terrain, curbs, and slopes. The cart is easy to assemble and clicks perfectly, pushing and operating it is a breeze. The Bag Boy is lightweight and sturdy enough that it does not topple or roll away. It also folds into a compact size for easy storage. The velcro straps secure your bags, and it holds the bag well. The front-wheel locks and the brake are convenient to reach when you want to park your cart.

The Bag boy is a nice looking and unique little cart. Using it is hassle-free and fun. It is sturdy, stable, and durable. The Bag Boy cart appears to be flawless.
The cart comes with storage space and accessories. It folds up into a small compact size, and it is lightweight and convenient to push around.

  1. Spin It Golf Products Easy Drive Golf Push Cart

The Spin It cart is stylish, simple to use, assemble, and operate. It is a lightweight cart, yet it is sturdy and durable. It is a three-wheeled cart with a swivel front wheel that makes it easy to maneuver on bumpy terrain. One major feature that we love about this push cart is that it has an adjustable height. It offers a lot of flexibility while on the green. The cart comes with an umbrella holder, drink holder, and scorecard holder. The push folds easily into a compact size for storage. It is a great product and an excellent buy.  

The swivel front tire makes it easy to maneuver this little cart around the golf course. You don’t have to lift it or worry about the cart getting stuck. It doesn’t come with a handbrake.
It folds into a compact size which is ideal for storage.
Most of its reviews claim the cart is very easy to use.


Finding the best golf push cart that meets your needs would be a pushcart with a blend of ease of use. Also, additional seating options that allow you to relax while on the green. And collapsible features that make it easy to fit into the trunk. As well as ergonomic handles that help it achieve a good grip during use. This is almost as important as having a quality bag with you while you play.

We believe that the golf push cart to improve control and comfort is the CaddyTek EX-fold 3. This golf push cart is affordable, and it has practical utility. There is a one-click button that folds the cart to a compact size. It can easily fit into the trunk of even the smallest of cars. It has a couple of compartments that can serve as storage space for your snacks and gear for the course. The CaddyTek Ex also has an adjustable height of the handle, so you don’t have to bend too low to adjust. Everything you’ve ever wanted in a golf push cart is inside the CaddyTek EX-fold 3.

Another best pick is the CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart. The SuperLite Deluxe is a fancier and more portable version of the EZ-fold. Though it shares a lot of similarities with the EZ-fold, the SuperLight Deluxe is cheaper. It comes as a four-wheeled pushcart and not three-wheeled.

If you need a GPS range finder check out our Best Golf Range Finder for a perfect measurement for playing.

At the end of the day, the best golf cart that you choose would be the one that meets your needs. It should tick all the right boxes of important features that should be included in a pushcart. Also, it should fit into your budget. As you enjoy playing golf, you can also use a golf range finder to get a distance measurement while playing golf.

For more reviews and comparisons, you can check out our page amazingmachines.info.