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Best Laminator Pouches

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When it comes to laminating, the options available to you can be quite overwhelming as there are series of laminator pouches of different sizes and types available, all of which serve different usefulness over a period of time.

The reason why we laminate documents is to protect them from being damaged over time from exposure to the elements around us. We also laminate so that documents can be used over time repeatedly without them losing their quality and to protect them from the weather if they are found outside.

When you laminate a paper document, it also prevents the document from being rumpled when folded and creased. It keeps it flat and neat at all times. For teachers, there are lots of reasons why they would want to laminate a document, but one major reason is to make it possible for the document to be written on using ink or non-permanent markers without causing damage to the original document.

Laminator Pouches

Laminator pouches differ in three ways namely – size, thickness, and finish.

It’s important you choose the right laminating pouch as with the pouch, you can change the finished product of what the document will look like. You should know that the quality of the pouch being used will also influence the quality of the finished product and could also impact on how well your laminating machine will perform.

  1. Size

Laminator pouches are available in a wide range of sizes and formats from small sizes as little as A2 to A3 and A4. A3 and A4 are two of the most popular laminating pouches available.

  1. Thickness

The second way of differentiating pouches is by thickness. Thickness is often measured in Microns. 1 micron = 1000th of a millimeter. The thicker the laminating pouch, the more rigid the result will be. When you decide to buy your laminating pouch, you will notice them saying things like 80 microns, 160 microns, 160 microns (2 X 80) and 2 X 80 microns.

Pouch thickness is often linked to the level of protection it offers. Most laminator pouches of different thickness levels are available for document protection in various standard and application-specific sizes. Depending on what you want to do on the documents. If you decide to enhance the colors of your document, you will need an 80-micron pouch and if you want to capture the moment of photographs with the aid of advanced protection 125-micron pouches will be well suited for the job.

  1. Finish

When it comes to laminating, finishing is everything. The most common laminating pouch finishing is glossy. It’s preferred by all and sundry due to its versatile finish that makes it suitable for a wide range of lamination applications. Other types of finish available are matte finish which is ideal for restaurants usage such as menus.

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