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Best Laminators for Office Use

Last Updated on June 10, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

Laminating your office documents is one way of ensuring they stay protected at all times and reusable for long periods. The laminating process is quite straightforward but finding the laminator that meets your needs as a business is a difficult part of the journey.

Finding the best laminator for office use comes down to the size and performance.

You want a laminator that can laminate the print materials faster and handle large volumes for your clients without overheating as well as the ability to handle all sorts of paper sizes from small to large.

There are lots of laminators that fits these requirements but there are often complaints about the quality of lamination and operation of the laminators and of course, there are few models that can laminate beyond the standard sized papers.


Why you should use a Laminator

  1. Makes documents last longer

If you’re running a school, for example, the need to share learning materials will be a frequent one. If the materials are same, you will need to have it laminated so you can create a single batch that can be reused yearly. Same goes for proposals for clients within a particular niche. With laminated printed materials, the contents can be preserved. It’s not just the paper that is preserved but also the ink – not only will the documents be hard to fold when it’s laminated, the ink will also not be exposed to wear.

  1. Keep materials organized

One way of keeping documents organized especially when you have various binders is by having them laminated. When you place documents in binders, the pages can get easily ripped out of them – often times by accident. With a laminated paper, it becomes really difficult to rip the paper out of the binder. Lamination reduces the risk of your document being ripped out of binders either intentionally or by accident.

  1. Your Clients will appreciate it

When sending out important paper documents via mail to clients, having them laminated will ensure they last longer than they would have, if they had not been laminated. Laminated materials often extend their useful life to a point where the clients won’t have to worry about their state anymore

Things to Consider before Buying

When shopping for a laminator, there are somethings you need to consider before making your final choice on the best laminator to purchase for the office.

The most important is the size of the materials that will be laminated. This is very important s you will be using the laminator for a wide range of business activities.

The majority of the print materials will be standard letter-sized papers but you will have other material sizes to laminate as well, from time to time. If you have more of large paper sizes to laminate, you will be better off with a larger laminator so that way, you will be able to laminate smaller and larger paper sizes as you wish. However, if your paper sizes are the standard letter paper, any laminator of 9″-width model will work perfectly.

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