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Best Leaf Shredder Mulcher Machines On The Market

Last Updated on June 10, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

One of the most difficult things could literally be converting autumn leaves from trash into treasures that you can benefit from. In many yards, the lawn mower handles the leaf shredding chore thanks to the increasing popularity of leaf mulchers which chops them into fine pieces that can be left on the lawn as nourishment for the lawn. Shredders are quite powerful. Breaking leaves into small pieces exposes more surface area to air and microorganisms which speeds up the decomposition process that releases nutrients from the mulch to the soil.


When it comes to purchasing the best leaf mulchers on the market, you need to correctly answer some set of questions so you don’t end up with a garden tool that you don’t need. The starting point is the size of your garden. How large is the garden that it would work on? Will you be interested in a model that is quick for tidying up a small patio or do you want a powerful machine that can move through a lot of leaves over large areas?

The features you need are a good place to start. The following features can make all the difference on how your leaf blower will work.

  1. Narrow nozzle for blowing

We have the narrow nozzle that is used for blowing the leaves into piles. This allows the leaf mulcher to do so much quickly and efficiently with little effort. Always look for a leaf mulcher with a narrow nozzle to direct the blast on the leaves as well as the ability to control the speed of the air jet.

  1. Easy access to mulching blades

This is another powerful feature that should be present in your leaf blower. You need a tool that can handle lots of damp and heavy leaves as well as being able to vacuum up wet leaves. You have to be careful what you wish for here as blower vacuums can easily get clogged. This is where you need to check to know if you can get to the mulching blades to clear blockages without causing harm to yourself. Metal blades are safer to use and more durable than plastic blades and they are also less likely to chip or break if they accidentally suck up a stone.

  1. Waterproof collection bag

With leaf mulchers, the idea is to collect leaves when they are dry, but the weather is not always so obliging in most cities and this is why it’s better to look for a leaf blower vac with a waterproof collection bag that won’t leak and leave you with a wet leg.