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June 18, 2017 MakeThingsReal

Have you ever felt like your body muscles been stretched, and it’s in desperate need of relaxation after have dealt with you 9 to 5 job? Even after having gained full nights of rest your body simply can’t get rid of its weariness because of the stiff positions you sit in on a daily basis for hours on end.

Luckily, they days when desperately needing a massage therapist to soothe your muscles and mental stress are over. People can now get their very own personal massage chair that can take care of most muscle problems just like any human therapist could, and in some cases do it even better then they can. Most high-end massage chairs these days can give you any kind of message, these include full body massage, zero gravity massage (a position in which your body feels weightless), shiatsu, and much more.

Has the time for you to decide on getting a massage chair with your favorite settings finally come? Or does this feel like a waste of money for something that seems really stupid? Well. this is where you continue to read as we compare three of the best massage chair around. The Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair, Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800, Relaxonchair MK-II Plus Full Massage Chair are the ones we’ll talk about in this article.

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    1. Kahuna Lm6800 Massage Chair

      Kahuna became one of the very first brands to launch an L-track massage chair costing below $2000; Before the LM6800 manage to launch, L-track was a luxury only very few people were willing to dish large amounts of cash to enjoy. Fortunately, this chair came about and changed that, you won’t have to compromise on L-track anymore even if you don’t have much cash to spend. Even so, the real main attraction for this chair is the L-track. This chair also supports 2 zero gravity positions which no chair in this price range is currently offering. It’s like getting a message while drifting in space.

      With its integrated heat message capabilities, this chair can easily heal any back ache problems caused by strained muscles. The heating modules in the lumbar regions cal also help expand the blood vessels in the lower spine, causing a fresh and oxygenated blood flow towards damaged muscles. The other heating modules can be found at the calves. It’s possible to combine the heat therapy with airbags and foot rollers to gain a full therapeutic and relaxing moment.

      Before the message beings, the Kahuna lm6800 scans the body in order to identify your specific body type and contour. This practice helps the chair give you a more personalized experience that is tailored to your every need.

      Another interestingly unique program dubbed by Kahuna as the Yoga Stretch. The intense stretching techniques used by this chair can help improve posture, a range of motion and even restore energy levels. The chair is capable of performing a full-body stretch as well. Perfect for those who do physical activities every day and need help dealing with a tired body. And even if you don’t feel like getting a full-body massage, this share still has plenty to cover. It’s possible to configure which parts of your body you only wanted messaged, legs or arms according to you current mood.

      According to the specification provided by the manufacturer, this chair can easily be usable by people up to 6’2 tall. Which is another added bonus, since most complaints come from tall people who are not comfortable in massage chairs. With that issue being solved, this leaves the chair available for everyone in the family and visiting friends, leaving them with a great impression of the chair. The chair manages to do that with the help of its extendable footrest. When it scans your body legs, the chair adjusts itself according to the user’s height.

      With all of this said, here is something really amazing that makes this chair completely stand out from the rest. It’s amazing price range. No other brand in the current massage market has been able to compete with the kind of feature this chair is offering with such a budget friendly amount. It’s one of the reason why it’s become incredibly popular on Amazon and why it’s one of the top choices for those who can dish out enough cash on this massage chair.The massage chair has manage to maintain and overall great rating and positive reviews raving on Amazon.


  1. Relaxonchair RC-MKII

    Relaxonchair has been of the newer brands to introduce themselves into the massage chair industry. Their products have really done an outstanding job at making them stand out in the market as well. The RC-MKII competes for toe to toe with Kahuna LM6800 as both of these chairs offer some similar features at identical prices. There are quite a few features in which this chair totally out beats the Kahuna Lm6800. While in other aspects the LM6800 can be considered a much better massage chair. I shall explain both of these and leave the decision making up to you.

    Firstly, this chair also contains its very own L-track massage chair. It comes with a promise for a long possible message strokes (reaching the neck and bottom area). This is pretty good for you, especially for jobs that require long hours of sitting down. The chair also comes with support from a computerized body scan that scans the contour of the body and gives you a more personalized message. This chair was designed in mind to give deep tissue massages that slowly knead out tight muscles and knots. Along with providing immense relaxation by focusing on the neck muscles.

    This chair also allows you to fully customize the massage sessions. It can also come with three message speed and intensity controls allow you to change it to your convenience. The chair also comes with three automatic pre-configured programs and three manual programs, these include tapping, kneading, and combo.

    A full body stretch can also be supported by the chair which goes under the name Spinal Decompression. The chair can also hold you in your position with the help of its inbuilt air cells along with using several calculated motions to stretch your leg and back muscles.

    The RC-MKII also comes completely equipped with a foot and calf massager that is expandable. It also includes airbags that are there to give a compression massage combined with foot rollers under soles which help trigger relaxation all over your body.

    One of the best luxuries you can gain from this chair is its three zero gravity positions. This chair comes with three zero gravity positions, which is far more than any chair is currently providing in theirs. This definitely makes the chair quite an amazing deal, even so, there somethings to further consider.

    The chair also comes along with a very good warranty policy, The warranty shall last up to three years. Which mean it protects the parts and labor during the first year, labor and structural framework during the second year, and only the structural framework for its final year. This is a great deal to replace the chair in case of any damage it may occur during the three years of its warranty. Another added bonus is the price range for this chair, with it being cheaper than the Kahuna LM6800. Making it a better deal breaker in price terms.

    Some downsides compared to that of the Kahuna Lm6800 are, while it does have chair support heat therapy, it’s only available for the lumbar region. Unlike the Kahuna Lm6800 which contains support healing modules for both the lower back and calves. Lastly, the chair size can be a pretty big problem for most people. This chair can take about 2 feet work of space from the wall when it reclines into the third zero gravity position.

    So let summarize a comparison between the Relaxon RC-MKII and the Kahuna LM6800. The Kahuna LM6800 contains two zero gravity position while the RC-MKII has a total of three. The RC-MKII doesn’t come along with its own heating modules for the calves area and takes up a large amount of space. Meanwhile, the Kahuna LM6800 comes along with aforementioned features. And in order to make up for these hefty features, the Kahuna LM6800 has a slightly higher price range compared to the Relaxon RC-MKII.



  1. EC-06 Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner

    Next up is the Best Massage Recliner 06C, which is currently one of the most inexpensive massage chairs available in the market with a decent amount of high-end features. This amazing massage chair can be purchased for less than $1000 dollars at moment.

    The very first thing you should know about this chair is that its recline doesn’t have a zero gravity massage function which is one of the main reasons why it’s available at such a low price tag. Even so, it’s still a massage chair with plenty of high-end features such as heat massage (lumbar and foot), adjustable massage intensity with airbags, air pressure massage and much more. Tsubo points can be located all around the human body near the meridian lines, 360 to be exact.  When these Tsubo points receive stimulation through massage, needles or even heat triggers, they release endorphins, which is a chemical that alleviates pain and puts the body in a relaxed mood.

    The Best Massage EC-06C also comes with one very unique heat modules placement that any chair seen in the current market. It contains two heating modules for the lumbar area, just like any other massage chair. Although, the other two heating modules are placed in the footrest area, under the soles. Which to some reviewers is considered much better than having them in the calves area. Even so, its all comes down to your own preferences in these matters. Another fantastic thing about the footrest is that it’s also quite extendable, which makes the chair easily usable for people between 5’0 and 6’2. The chair also offers up to three pre-programmed modes: Fatigue recovery, pain relieving, refresh and airbag massage with vibration for the bottom area.

    This chair has managed to gain quite the popular following with hundreds of reviews available on Amazon, retain a positive rating overall. Even so, there are quite a few negative ones that may turn people away from it. Even some of the best and well-known brand models around can experience defects since day one, but most of them have support from warranty packages which fills in the quality gap. If you decide to purchase this chair make sure to ship it back during the first 30 days if it arrives with any sort of defects. Though the majority of its customers have reported the chair to be working fantastically and have no regrets on the cash spent.

    As you can see these three massage chair as some of the most highly affordable chairs around with a price below $2000 dollars. It’s up to you whether the Kahuna LM6800, RelaxOnChair MK-IV and Bestmassage EC-06C best fit the requirements you are looking for in a massage chair. Whether it’s the features or even price range, these three won’t disappoint you in anyway or form.

    however, if you want a hand carry relaxation machine with an affordable price i can highly recommend our Best foot massager. now you can do your work while relaxing at the same time.

    To Further help with any decision making on your part. I’ll dish out my own personal choice on which of these I spent my hard earned cash on. The Kahuna LM6800 was my personal choice for best massage chair. Mainly due to its being very budget friendly, and offers all the best features in a single massage chair, delivering you with the best massage chair you can possible dream off.

    Although if your budget is tight and you wish to purchase that’s below the $1000 price range, then the Bestmassage EC-06C might be the best choice for you. Searching through Amazon review can also give you even more insight on the chairs from people already enjoy such amazing inventions in their daily lives. At the end of the day, it’s best to compare the chairs features mentioned above and make a decision from their.