Category: Elderly Support Machines

March 3, 2017 MakeThingsReal

At a certain stage in life when age begins to tell on us or after an important surgery, it will become our top priority to ensure maximum safety in the bathroom. Most accidents that happen in the home takes place in the bathroom. How well can you prevent this? It’s all simple and balls down…

February 17, 2017 MakeThingsReal

Thanks to mobility scooters, people with limited mobility can have independence. Whatever it is that keeps you from walking, (age, mental capacity or physical ailments) mobility scooters offer means of transportation. With one of these, you can go through everyday tasks like shopping, running errands and even just to move around the house and yard….

February 16, 2017 MakeThingsReal

For those who don’t already know but are curious, or for those who find the common online description too mouthy, simply put, stair lifts are mechanized chairs used to ferry people up and down stairs, simple? Yeah – I know. You might wonder why the selection of the best chair lifts from a wide array…