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Choosing The Right Ground Coffee Beans

Last Updated on June 19, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

If you like good coffee, you will understand the importance of quality ground coffee beans. For most of us, coffee is a staple in our diets, and we can’t go a day without our cup of Joe.

It does not take a trained palate to tell if a cup of coffee is good or if it isn’t, a taste will explain all you need to know. However, if you are new to coffee drinking, you may require some help in choosing the right ground coffee beans or finding good quality beans among the multiple brands available on the market.

So what do you need to keep in mind when choosing ground coffee beans?

ground coffee beans

Here are some tips.

If you do not know the kind of beans that appeals to you, it may be difficult to choose the beans that you want to buy. The two types of ground coffee beans available on the market are Robusta and Arabica. Robusta is bitter coffee grown at low altitudes, and it has a strong flavour, stronger than its counterpart Arabica.

Arabica has a smoother taste that is also considered slightly acidic, and it is grown and cultivate at higher altitudes. It is also believed to be of better quality than Robusta when it is produced and treated properly. The type of bean is vital if you plan to roast and grind your coffee by yourself. Otherwise, you can purchase the ones that are commercially available from a reputable brand.

For you to find the type of coffee that is perfect for you, you have to do a taste test. A taste test can be done at your local coffee shop.

When you try the house coffee they have on offer, you can then decide whether or not it is good enough for you. If you like the coffee they offer, then you can follow the recipe and try to roast it by yourself or find a brand that sells coffee with a similar taste.

The different types of roasts are the light, medium and dark roast, each one has a different flavour, and if you like a consistent coffee flavour, you can always stick to a particular type of roast.
Another vital factor to consider is the caffeine content of the coffee. Light roasts usually have the most caffeine content compared to dark and medium roasts. If you are an Espresso lover, then you probably like medium roasts as they typically fall into that category. If you more caffeine, you can always mix them up and go for medium/light roast or dark/medium roast.

Most commercial coffee beans usually come in the form of pre-ground beans or whole beans. Pre-ground beans can either be dark and oily or light and dry, before you buy the beans you can do a quick check to decide which one you prefer.

If the ground beans are in clumps, they are most likely in the dark and oily category, but if they are smooth, they are probably light and dry.

Freshly ground coffee beans are always the best choice you can make if you like nice-tasting coffee.

Buying ground coffee removes that option from the table, whole coffee beans, on the other hand, will be a much better choice. As long as you buy fresh coffee beans, you can pop them into your coffee grinder, and you will have the excellent coffee you crave. The best coffee flavour comes from freshly ground coffee when your coffee has been on the shelf for longer than three weeks; it will no longer taste as good.

Roast Type
You can either have espresso roast or filter roast. It all depends on the equipment you use to brew the coffee.

Espresso roast is developed in the roaster and is prepared in an espresso machine. Filter roast, on the other hand, is not as developed and does not have the body and caramelisation that you find in espresso roast. Instead, it has a more acidic taste.

You can have blend or single origin coffee, depending on your preferences. Blends go well with milk and other additives, single origin, on the other hand, is best consumed black. Blended coffee is usually a combination of single origin coffee, giving it more body and flavour to withstand the additives like milk, sugar and cream.

Single origin comes from a single location or region so that if you prefer your coffee to be from a particular farm, you have just that. You can also taste the combination of flavours such a coffee provides and appreciate the subtle distinctions in flavour. Although if you choose, you can drink your blend black and you can add cream to your single origin coffee.

Where your coffee comes from is as important as any other factor when choosing your ground coffee beans. Several things influence the growth, cultivation and even transportation of your coffee from its origin to you.

Coffee grown in one origin will always be different than coffee grown in another origin just like wine. Some coffee drinkers have their preferences when it comes to where their coffee originates from and when you become a connoisseur of coffee, you may find that you do too. The best coffee is often grown in warmer climates and is influenced by several conditions like rainfall, altitudes, sunlight and soil type.

There are several regions where coffee is produced, you can Ethiopian coffee, and coffee from South and Central America with each region bringing its unique quality to the coffee it produces. In essence, you are spoilt for choice, but you do not have to limit yourself or your palate to coffee from a specific region. It is best to try them all and appreciate the different things that go into the growth of coffee from these regions.

With so many ways to choose the coffee that is right for you, you are not likely to get lost in the world of coffee making and drinking. When you are out buying your coffee, compare ingredients and ask questions and soon you won’t need help buying good coffee.