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Cutting Option And Extension Of A Hand Pole Saw

Last Updated on June 18, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

If you own a garden that you continually needs tending, you will need the appropriate tools for that job as it is a massive waste of money to call a professional every time your garden needs tending. One of such essential gardening tools is a hand pole saw. A hand pole saw is used primarily for trimming or pruning thick branches or trees, it is a powered saw attached to a pole. The saw can be powered by gas, electricity or batteries and it can be operated manually.

Pole saws are great for trimming branches that are out of reach, hence the pole; you can also use them for large shrubs or hedges. Having a pole saw will eliminate the need to call in a professional or buy a ladder when you need to tame your garden and they are lightweight so one should ordinarily not have any trouble using them.

Using ladders can be quite dangerous if you are cutting tree branches and the risk of injury is quite high. However, some branches are too thick for a hand pole saw when you encounter such a problem, it is a good idea to call in the big guns.

You should not use a pole if whatever you are trimming is too far out of reach as this can be harmful, one should also watch out for the power lines if the saw is powered by electricity. If you know that you will have problems with cables, you should go for a cordless hand pole saw.

Another thing to take note of is the extension, always check it for safety purposes and keep the tool as close as possible while working.

Before you make use of the saw, it is advisable to do a quick check for damages; you don’t want the saw falling from the pole while in motion. It is also essential to do your trimming in a clear area, so it does not affect

visibility, thick branches falling from any height can hurt you badly.

If your hand pole saw is one of the cordless variety, always watch out for twists and tangles while you are trimming or pruning and make sure to work on dry, cloudless days.
Using a pole saw at night or while it is rainy and wet, needless to say, can be harmful and when your arms get tired, turn off the gear and rest for a while.

A pole saw may be a saw attached to a pole, but there are styles of this tool, each of them with their unique functions.
Electric hand pole saw
The electric pole saw has to be connected to a power source so there is a limit to how far you can take while in use. Apart from this slight disadvantage, this pole saw style is quite powerful and does not make a lot of noise. They are also lightweight and easy to operate, if you don’t mind the cord, then you can consider going with this option.

Gas powered hand pole saw

Like the electric pole saw, the gas-powered alternative is also quite powerful, maybe even more so, but it is also quite dangerous. Because it is gas powered, it can last for a while during use, more than the other available options but it is also louder and heavier than these options. If your garden is large or in need of constant tending, then this option is probably the best for you, but it is important to be very careful when handling this particular style of hand pole saw.

Cordless hand pole saw

The cordless pole saw is much easier to operate because it can reach all those little corners and angles that the options can’t reach. If you are looking to trim high branches, then this is the tool for you, it is also relatively quiet. If your garden work is not demanding, then you can work with this tool. This type of saw functions with a battery so it is not as powerful as its counterparts and it dies off much faster so you have to recharge it every now and then.

Manual pole saw

This style of hand pole saw is only suitable for minor non-demanding work because as the name suggests, you have to do as much work as the tool. Using a manual saw is basically like working with shears or secateurs, it uses up a lot of time and energy.

Using a pole saw is quite easy as long as you observe the basic rules, first of which is safety.

1. Be safe
A hand pole saw is a dangerous tool to work with under any circumstance, and you should not be lax while handling one. Before you start operating your hand pole saw, wear thick gloves, goggles, a hard hat, and boots. Protective gear is most important when you are trimming branches that are very high up and can fall over you.

2. Start from the bottom branches
If you are trimming a tree, it is advisable to start cutting from below and work your up. Starting from below will allow you to reach the top branches easily.

3. Pick the branch you want to cut
Pick out the branches you want to cut and mark them so that you can identify each branch when it is time to cut them.

4. Don’t cut branches halfway
Cutting branches halfway can be risky as the branch may fall unexpectedly. Start by cutting through the bark, when you have broken the surface, exert a little more pressure so that the saw goes cleanly through the branch.

5. Maintain a proper stance
Plant your feet firmly into the ground while cutting to avoid tipping over and getting injured. Make sure the gloves you wear allow you to grip the gear correctly and that your boots will not slip.