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Enjoying The Benefits Of A Clean Garden

Last Updated on June 10, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

Finding time to clean your garden is often difficult but is essential as it will yield benefits both in the short and long term.

A clean garden space makes for an inviting space for friends and family and a safer ground for children.

Keeping a garden has always brought health benefits as it allows you to burn calories, tone your muscles and improve your physical health. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym with loud pop music at your ear trying to get in the mood. While pushing the mower or gathering the leaves to shred with a leaf mulcher, your muscles will be gradually worked on as well as you having a great cardio.

More Time with Family

Having a clean garden means you can spend more time outside with your friends and family – eating, relaxing and entertaining. The outdoor furniture and other sitting areas in your garden will be cleaned and repainted or re-oiled depending on your preference. It will also make it easier and more hygienic to grill your chicken as you will have a clean barbecue with replenished gas bottles. A clean garden won’t have an accumulation of leaves and dirt which could be a turnoff to your guests.

A clean garden increases the value of your property. It gives it more aesthetic value. Having all container-growth plants and indoor plants repotted or placing plants into larger pots with fresh potting mix would make your garden neat and more attractive. You could also look into buying a large number of pots which you could load up with a premium potting mix to save time and money.

Further Growth

A clean garden will encourage further growth in shrubs and perennials – making them bloom over the months ahead. One way of doing this is by ensuring that plants that have already bloomed or have frost damaged are pruned to encourage a cleaner garden and greater growth in the plants. You can also spruce up your garden with mulch. Cut out the weeds and save water by applying loads of organic mulch in your garden. Remove the weeds and spread the mulch over exposed soil and see how much impact this will have on your garden.

Cleaning During Fall

Cleaning up your garden especially during fall means you will have a fewer list of chores and projects during spring. It makes it easier to tackle the dividing and transplanting chores in the spring.

You can clean up the garden by cutting the browning foliage and stocks to the ground as it is safer to cut back most of these perennials and grasses in the fall or those that may not be as winter hardy in our climate.

We’ve also come across some perennials that put on a flush of growth late in the season and as such should be left in its place as they help protect other plants. Cleaning up the garden during fall helps remove diseases in the foliage from the garden. Sanitation is the best way to reduce and control the spread of diseases in your plants especially the peonies and iris which are often loaded with diseases.

One of the major problems that you will face as a gardener is with plant disease. In most cases, there is no cure, but one of the fastest treatments is the removal of the affected part of the plants through cleaning. Plant diseases can live on leaves and twigs till you cut them off. Sometimes, they could leave on the debris on the ground and when it rains – hard rains can splash the organisms back into the plant making prompt cleaning beneficial to the growth and prevention of diseases in your garden.

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