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Fitness Tips And The Right Equipment To Improve Your Body Structure

Last Updated on June 13, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

amazingmachines.info-fitness-tipsSince different men have different body structures, they do respond to exercise and diet differently.  Also, this different body structure entails that they are made for diverse activities and fitness.

Basically, a guy’s body structure can fall into these three groups:

  • Stockier guys (endomorphs). These guys are excellent at lifting.
  • Skinny guys (ectomorphs). They often make the best long distance runners.
  • Athletic guys (mesomorphs). These ones are the middle-range guys who can do whatever they want to do.

According to research, most people fall into the category in between among these three groups. The main thing is been able to know your body type and thus do what it entails to maintain it.

Although your body type might look like a limitation, never see it as one and you should rather work well to take advantage of it.  The determination can make the big difference if you decide to work on your body.


This is your typical skinny guy.  He can eat the whole food in a restaurant but will still be stuck at where he is.

People who fall into this group have slight frames and swift metabolism. Gaining loads of mass is usually a tough thing for them no matter what they eat.

Nutrition Rules for Ectomorphs

The skinny guy should focus on more cardiovascular work but when he is interested in increasing and gaining more strength in training, then keeping what he eats in mind is also important.

When you are not mindful of what you take into your body when you have this kind of structure, you may have little or no weight –no matter how little.

The Skinny Guy Workout

As an ectomorph, taking in a good meal every three hours is a good start –although everyone needs good food, irrespective of body type.

While working out, ensure that you give attention to the legs as it is a great way to optimizing your strength through the legs.

Most importantly, hone in on the big muscle groups like the glutes and quads to aid your quest in adding more weight; about gaining size


Many people admire guys who have this kind of body type; they can easily swing to any body type they want to without any hassles.

When he hits the gym, he does not take the blink of an eye for him to gain weight. They are those guys who are good in, naturally, in all things, without much stress.

A person who has this body mass typically have an athletic physique, a strong bone frame and can easily pack muscles excellently as well as gaining weight at the same time faster than ectomorphs and less than endomorphs.

Mesomorphs are naturally blessed and if they want to get enough muscles and improve cardiovascular endurance while burning fat, the best for thing for them to do is a combination of strength training and high-intensity interval training.

It is although advisable for them to maintain a balance between their strength and interval/cardio training. Naturally, many of them would love to take on the strength training, ending up having more fats that they had planned out from the onset.

However, when they get to about 40 years, they begin to put on more weight. This is due to a dwindling metabolism rate which is unlike what they have when they were in their 20’s.


With this set of people, gaining excess weight is not a problem.  They are the stocky, often short guys with enough muscles and the ability to pack on fat seamlessly.

Endomorphs are also naturally strong people and do not need so much food before they gain up more fat.

The Golden Rules for Every Endomorph

To maintain a good body structure, it is generally required of endomorphs to always have good diets and match it closely with cardiovascular exercises.

The endomorphs find it a bit difficult to dwell on good diets and their training –they need a lot of willpower to do so.

If you are an endomorph, chances are that you may want to leave your lifting and strength training but you should monster enough courage to stick to it if you want to shed that fat and return to full fitness.

Experts recommend that you should take on full twenty-one days of doing strength training and as you take on that, also ensure that you supplement it with a three-four days aerobic training.

One thing that an endomorph finds hard to deal with is his nutrition –a sharp contrast with guys that have other body types.  You can hardly cheat on your diet if you are an endomorph since your body does not take much effort to pack all the weights it can.

And if you intend to become leaner and lose the pounds, one thing you must do, as an endomorph, is to drastically limit your how many calories you take. You should also be mindful of taking in junk food as well as empty calories.

As a professional advice, your diet should focus on having more lean meats like fish and some poultry products, complex carbohydrates as well as fiber like vegetables and any others you can lay your hands on.

All these are basic or rather fundamental to help you reduce your intake and at the same time, you are having a good diet –filled with the right type of food that can maintain your body structure as well as keep you fit.


Now you that you have seen your body type, one thing you must do to take on the right type of food and exercises. Don’t just envy other body types –wishing you have that (as it will limit your work).

Keep working at your body and if you are lost on what to do or you seem not to be getting the right results, you can walk up to your trainer for some advice but the bulk of the work is still on your if you want to remain fit.

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