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GreenWorks 20242 Corded 9-Amp Chainsaw Review

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The GreenWorks 20222 Corded 9-Amp Chainsaw
icon is a lightweight chainsaw that is electrically powered and built for trimming and limbing purposes. The great thing about this chainsaw is that it operates more quietly than other saws having gas-powered mechanisms. More about this handy chainsaw right down below.icon

Power Source

The GreenWorks 20222 Chainsaw
icon is built with a 9-amp electric motor running on 2 horsepower and 120 volts of electricity. This motor makes it possible for the chainsaw to do light work with much quieter noise levels than normal gas-powered units. Having this feature is extremely beneficial, especially for communities with closely knit neighborhoods.

To start, you simply need to hit the switch on and you’re good to go. However, because it is a corded chainsaw, you will need to prepare one or more extension cords to be able to use it, especially if you’re operating on a large area.

Chain Details

In case you need to adjust its tensioning, the 20222 Chainsaw’s chainrequires no tools and offers simple operation. After initial and following uses, its chain is expected to stretch; therefore, it is important to give this special attention. This will guarantee long chain and car life, not to mention more efficiency in cutting.

Remember to always, always examine the chain tension before using the saw, especially if it has been stored or not used for long periods of time. If you adjust the tension while working, it might get too tight, thus affecting chainsaw efficiency.

If for some reason, you need to replace the chain, you will need a52 link, 3/8 pitch, 0.05 inch gaugereplacement chain. This is available in all major online stores, as well as brick and mortar shops. Or, you could just get it directly from Greenworks.

Greenworks 20222 Chainsaw uses achain oiler that functions automatically and delivers a predetermined amount of oil to the chain. It also features a bar and chain cover in the form of a sturdy plastic. This addition comes in handy when you need to transport or store the saw.

Things It Can Do

Considering the length of the bar and power source, it is clear that this chainsaw does not belong to the “chainsaw for heavy duty use†category. As a matter of fact, it is currently specified on their official website that the 20222 Chainsaw is merely designed for trimming branches and leaves.

But, since it has a 14-inch bar, you sure can cut logs or trunks, given that you rip through them very slowly. By slowly, it means you shouldn’t pile them over the other while doing the job.

For lighter tasks though, firewood, cutting branches, and the likes, it is a very good chainsaw to use, quiet, light, and efficient.


The good thing about Greenworks is that they offer a relatively generous warranty for the 20222 Chainsaw. Presently, it provides a 4-year warranty with conditions that only the original buyer will claim the warranty and they will supply proof of purchase during the process. This warranty is applicable for workmanship, industry material, defects on parts, and units that’s used for personal purposes.


The unit comes with a 40-page manual, containing safety instructions, rules of use, and symbols used in the manual itself. It also contains chart for extension cord requirements with the ratio on motor amperage vs length of cord vs extension cord wire gauge. Many people are still unaware of this so reading this piece of information should be a top priority.

For people who love to do DIY, the manual also has a dedicated maintenance section and also a diagram that shows the blueprint of the whole chainsaw and some troubleshooting tips.

Pros and Cons

Good Side: As we’ve mentioned above, the selling points of Greenworks 20222 Chainsaw is being quiet, lightweight, reasonably priced, having an easy to start mechanism, and being environment friendly. It offers ease of use, effortless operation, and chances to save money on gas. And since it is powered by electricity, it emits no gas that may harm the atmosphere.

Negative Side:Corded and may need a few extension cords, quite heavy on the bar oil

Product Specifications

Measurements: 29 x 9 x 7 inches

Item weight: 8 pounds

Chain brake: No

Locking safety switch: Yes

Chain/hand guard: Yes

Final Judgment

Despite the minor inconvenience of a corded chainsaw, it is still obvious that the GreenWorks 20222 Corded 9-Amp Chainsaw is worth investing on. If you’re looking to buy a chainsaw for small jobs at home, this is definitely a good product to start. More and more homeowners are seeing the advantage of owning one, so you shouldn’t miss out. To avail of the generous 4-year warranty, keep in mind the ideal mode of use. This way, you’ll get the privilege in case your chainsaw runs into technical issues.

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