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Healthy Foot Massage At Home – Do It Yourself Treatment

Last Updated on June 19, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

Our feet usually are the most neglected part of our anatomy. We do facials, body treatments, and manicures but some of us forget to wash our feet while we bathe. Luckily, a healthy foot massage can be done in the comfort of our home.

Going out for a pedicure may seem like too much work on lazy days or it may not be part of your budget but that does not mean that your feet can’t get the loving care they deserve.

A foot spa is also a great way to unwind at home after a long, stressful day; it’s an indulgence that costs very little and gives considerable benefits.

A DIY foot spa is quite easy to do at home if you have the right tools to help it along. A DIY foot spa is a lot like giving yourself a pedicure, the only difference being that a spa is more luxurious. You will salts and essential oils and foot scrubs and stones when you want to do a home foot spa.

Some of the steps you may need to take during your healthy foot massage;

Cleaning your old nail polish
Buffing your nails and oiling your feet
Soaking your feet
Scraping or sloughing off the dead skin from your feet
Appling a foot mask
Washing off the mask
Moisturizing your feet
Painting your nails.

There are lots of products that you can use for this task. You can decide to use homemade scrubs and oils, or you can buy your products from the store.

Here are some of the products that you will need;
A tub or reasonably large bowl of warm water or a home foot spa
some essential oils like tea tree oil which is excellent for treatment of fungal infections, lavender oil which is fantastic for relaxation, eucalyptus oil is also useful for infections or rosehip oil which has a lovely fragrance.

Cups of buttermilk, an excellent choice for moisturizing your feet one cup of Epsom salt or brown sugar Nail clippers, nail buffer, nail cutter and nail file one pumice stone Spoonful of honey nail polish remover cotton wool
cuticle remover Some olive oil one clean towel one cup of oats
And for some extra pizazz, you can add rose petals, soothing music, and scented candles.

You should always set up all your products before you dip into a healthy foot massage, you don’t want to mess everywhere up with water. You can also create a pleasant ambiance with the scented candles, rose petals, and soothing music before you soak your feet. Now that you have everything sorted, here’s how to do a DIY foot spa;

1. Prep your feet

Clean your nails: soak up your cotton wool or swab with some nail polish remover and use it to wipe off your old nail polish
Cut your nails: It is sometimes better to do this before a healthy foot massage. Use your nail cutter to cut your nails to the length that suits you best, file the nails to whatever shape you like. It is best to file the nails before soaking your feet as filing the nails while they are soft can make them break. Finally, push your cuticles back with your cuticle remover
Buff your nails and oil your feet: Use your nail buffer to buff your nails and oil your feet to prep the skin for scrubbing.

2. Soak the feet

Now that your nails are clean and ready for a healthy foot massage,
Fill up the tub with warm water, make sure the water is warm enough but not uncomfortably so. Add the essential oil, the buttermilk and Epsom salt. You can add smooth pebbles to the water to aid the process of reducing your aches.
Slide your feet into the tub. You can soak your feet for as long as twenty or thirty minutes. Just sit back, relax, enjoy the soothing music, the fragrances and do your best to unwind.

3. Scraping off old skin
When you are good and relaxed, take out your feet and dry them with the clean towel. Add some cuticle cream to your toenails for protection and moisture.
Now scrub your feet gently with your pumice stone, doing your best to remove all the accumulated dead skin.
Wash your nails with the nail scrubber
Scrub your feet with the foot scrub, scrub the gaps in between your toes, your heels and soles and your ankles.
Wash off the scrub and dry your feet with the towel.

4. Apply the mask

When you are ready, apply your foot mask and wait for it to dry up. When it dries, rinse off the mask, wipe your feet with the towel and use your moisturizer. Don’t forget to moisturize your soles and your toenails. A healthy foot massage is better when a moisturizer soothes slowly into your skin, adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil at this point will be an excellent idea. Not only will your feet be intensely moisturized but the benefits of the essential oil will also make you feel a whole lot better.

5. Paint your toenails
Now that your feet are clean and intensely moisturize, it’s time to paint the nails. First, pick a color you like, then apply nail prep.
Paint each toenail in upward strokes, add a double coat if you want it to be thicker and when you are done, add a clear top coat.

With these simple steps, you will have fresh, clean, beautiful feet at no cost and with no hassle. You will also get to unwind in the comfort of your own home.