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Hitachi (14″) 32cc Prosumer Top Handle Gas Chainsaw Review

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Hitachi CS33ET14 14-Inch 32cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Top Handle Chain Saw (CARB Compliant)Using chainsaws can be dangerous when not properly used and for you to have the best results, you need to know the proper way in using your chainsaw. But before that, you first need to decide what model of chainsaw to use. It is important to compare the features and specifications of one another for you to be able to identify what’s best for you.
You might have heard of Hitachi (14″) 32cc Prosumer Top Handle Gas Chainsaw, one of, if not the best, chainsaws out there for homeowners. Reliable and durable, it is perfect for trimming and very easy to use. If you are not cutting up large trees for firewood, this is your best choice. It is lightweight but powerful enough for what you need to tackle around the house. The top-handle feels right and balanced well, making it easy to handle. It is also strongly recommended for the residential consumer user who often runs errands at home for it is easy to use and maintain.
It comes with a compact top handle design good for balance and maneuverability. It is excellent for limbing and pruning. Fuel Primer Bulb, Auto-Return Choke and S-Start reduce force is needed to pull start by up to 50% and simplifies starting- less pulling and straining. The Side Access Chain Tensioner allows the user to easily and quickly adjust the 3/8″ low profile chain. The Purefire Low Emission 2-Stroke Engine meets stringent California CARB emissions standards. Its new Inspire design is engineered for balance & durability and is ideal for homeowners & light duty professionals.

It has the new Anti-Vibration System allowing you to get you more work with less hand & arm fatigue 14″ Oregon Bar & Chain. It also reduces kickback & provides excellent cutting performance Generous Factory Warranty. It includes 7 years for consumer use; 2 years for professional use.

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Positive Reviews

“It’s A Small Beast: I just bought this Hitachi saw to clear a bunch of brush at my Lake House and it worked flawlessly. The top Handle position makes it very easy to use with one hand and since it’s less than 10lbs. It’s very easy to cut small branches and medium size trees. It will also cut through bigger trees it just takes a little longer because of the 14 inch Bar. The Gas and Chain oil location are excellent and it is very easy to fill both of them. You won’t lose either cap because they are tethered to the saw.

It works like a small Beast and you won’t be disappointed, well worth the $200 I spent.”

“I am very pleased with my Hitachi chain saw. It is easy to start and usually starts with three or four pulls. I have owned numerous brands of chainsaws, but this one is the best because of the easy starting, easy to adjust chain, and moves smoothly through the hard oak boards and locust post. I highly recommend this chainsaw without reservations.”

With these positive reviews, there is no doubt that Hitachi offers one of the very best chainsaws out in the market.