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How Heat Printing Machine Can Help You

Last Updated on June 19, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

Imagine being able to show off your artwork on more than one platform or design your T-shirts and mugs, If you own a heat printing machine, you can do all that and more.

A heat presser is even more useful if you own a t-shirt printing business, the machine will make your work much easier and better.

However, it is easier to know how a heat presser can help you when you know what kind of heat presser to invest in and how each one will affect your product.

Digital heat press machines are the most popular heat pressers on the market, and they are great for beginners and pros alike, they also have multiple uses. You can use your digital heat printing machine for:
Sublimation heat transfers
Silkscreen transfers
Laser heat transfers
Inkjet heat transfers
Rhinestone application and several other things.

There are some things to consider before splurging on a heat printing machine.

All heat press machines are not created equal; if you want good quality prints and a machine that is sturdy, durable, with excellent output, you have to buy a quality presser. Excellent heat printing machine won’t come cheap, but they will be worth their price. It is advisable to go for heavy-duty machines from reputable brands. Buying an inferior quality product will cost you more in the long run as you will have to deal with problems like printing errors, dye stains, cold spots and much more. Check that pressure and heat are evenly distributed on the lower platen and check for defects in the machine.

Checking with the supplier to see how good the warranty is may seem like a lot of trouble to go to at first, but if your machine starts to act up after you have bought it, you will understand the importance of warranty and after-sales service. Make sure that the brand you choose has excellent technical support, available parts and quality products.

Features and functions
Some machines don’t have specific vital features or can’t perform necessary functions. It is essential that you check the features and functions of the heat printing machine you decide to buy. Check that the machine can perform sublimation printing and that the heat transfer films are durable, also check that the heat presser is safe to operate.

If you are new to digital heat pressers, here’s how to make use of them:
Design an image on your computer or grab one from your smartphone or digital camera
Turn your heat presser on with pigment or ink
Print the image with a paper designed for t-shirt printing

There are four major types of heat pressers you can choose from, these four pressers have similar designs but have different features

heat printing machine

1. The Draw Heat Press Machine
This heat pressure is similar in design to the Clamshell machine and the swinger presser.

It is a safer machine to work with than its counterparts as the lower platen comes towards you while the heating platen is away from the operator. The work surface is large and ideal for larger fabric, but the device is quite fast and saves a lot of time. The surface area may be adequate for large fabric but not thick ones as the machine does not exert enough pressure on the garment.
2. The Swing Away Heat Press
The swinger machine is designed so that the upper platen swings away from the lower platen, because of the design it is easy to lay your fabric on the lower platen and arrange it how you want. You will need a large work surface for the swinger machine, and the machine is safe to work with, you can also be sure of even distribution of heat and pressure with this machine. The machine is precise and ideal for thick fabric.
3. The Clamshell heat printing machine
This presser is in the shape of a clam with a hinge connecting the lower and upper platen. This machine is relatively small and will fit into a small space; it does not require a lot of effort to operate the machine which makes it suitable for beginners. It is also ideal for producing large orders in a short time. With some force, it is possible to apply more pressure with this machine, but it is not enough for thick garments. The machine is not as accurate or precise as the others, and it is not as safe to work with, it does not exact even pressure sometimes, so the operator has to remain attentive while using the machine.

There are a couple of things you can do to make your machine work better for you

Use good fabric
The type of fabric you use for your machine will affect the results you will get, some garments are less resistant to heat than others. Some will burn or melt on a hot surface and the print on some materials will fade off after washing. The best types of fabric to print on are cotton, polyester, nylon, lycra and spandex.

Apply more heat
For best results, you need high temperature so you should apply as much heat on the fabric as possible. Your artwork may not stick to the material when you use low heat. Always apply high heat during the printing process.

There is a lot you can do with your heat printing machine, it can help grow your business, and you use it if you want a larger platform to display your artwork. If you merely enjoy designing your T-shirts or mugs, it does not hurt to have a heat press for that purpose.

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