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How Massage Chairs Can Change Your Life

Last Updated on June 10, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

The use of massage chairs became popular in the consumer market during the early 1990’s and they were created to imitate the use of an actual masseuse by relieving stress, tension and pains all across the joint from a patterned movement. It took them a while to catch on – for a while, we mean a decade and more, but as technology advanced, so did the options of massage chairs made available across the world.

A couple of things that makes massage chairs unique are its components. It’s made up of three major components intended to help the user create the perfect experience that they would have gotten had they visited a masseuse. These components are the chair motors, the chair nodes and rollers and the computer adjustability of the chair. Let’s start with the chair motors.

Massage Chair Motors

Massage chairs have mechanics to their operation. This is how they operate and what powers them. The motor is the power that gets it going as well as moving the nodes and rollers to the areas that they need to be per time. The motors are also the reason why the chairs can be adjusted to any seating position that you desire with ease. Every massage chair comes with preset patterns and patterns that work on the body. They can be modified from the control panel on the chairs based on the user requirements. Massage chairs often focus on the back as well as on the top spine down.

Massage chair nodes and rollers

These are also present in every massage chair available. They are designed to act the same way a masseuse’s hands and fingers would. A chair with large nodes and rollers will provide a more generalized approach to massaging while the ones with smaller nodes and rollers will be more specific and detailed massaging techniques. This kind of chairs tend to target specific areas of a user’s back but it can still be adjusted to fit the user’s needs.

Massage Chair Computer Adjusted Adjustability

This is a critical factor in massage chairs that affects how much relief you can get from the chair. Most chairs automatically adjust for the user’s physical attributes once they sit on them. This means adjusting for weight, height, and width. The way it works is that the seat measures the pressure of the seatback while the height of the protrusion of the rollers and nodes adjusts.

There are many ways a massage chair can change your life. The chief benefit it brings is for soothing lower back pain.

●    Lower Back Pain

Massage chairs have changed a lot of lives due to the comfort it has brought to people with lower back pain. The epidemic lower back pain has continued to increase all across America with a source believing over 30 million Americans are currently suffering from the pain. In fact, this is one of the major and most commonly used excuse for missing work in corporate America.

For those who have experienced it, you know how tough it can be. Simple motor skills like bending over to pick up a document or working on the chair for 10 minutes at a go becomes a tedious task that brings anguish. Lower back pain has continued to spread due to exertions on the body as well as mental stress.

Chronic lower back pain can affect one’s energy levels as well as means of livelihood. Once you find it hard to work, you won’t be able to earn as you used to. Regular massage aimed at the deep muscular tissue at the lower back with either a Shiatsu or Swedish massage technique can help create an immediate effect. Massage also increases blood flow into the massaged muscles and the motions can help decrease tension that builds up on the muscles of the lower back.

Massage affects the muscle fibers as they are separated and the adhesions that could have been formed from the back pain are broken.

●    Anxiety and Stress Reduction

By now, it’s no longer news that the mind and the body are connected. In order words, the mental state you’re in and the emotional experiences have a direct relationship with your well being physically.

There are tons of research on how various diseases spread across the body due to stress and anxiety. Our relationships with our colleagues, friends and family and even financial status can have negative impacts on the way we feel emotionally which could also influence the immune system.

When you’re stressed, a steroid hormone called Cortisol is released into the body. This hormone is produced by the adrenal glands above the kidney and it’s the same gland that produces the adrenaline that puts us into fight or flight mode. When we’re stressed, our blood sugar either increases or our immune system is depressed. More time on the massage chair would reduce the production of cortisol levels in the body as your body will become calm. A massage chair works on the body with pressure from the rollers and nodes to reduce the blood pressure and heart rate of the individual. It can also help your body secret good chemicals such as endorphins and serotonin which affects how the body interacts with receptors in the brain. This is what affects your perception of pain.

In summary, it’s fair to assume that massage chairs impact our day to day life experiences. Their impact on the overall well being cannot be overemphasized and we know that having the best massage chair at your home will go a long way in ensuring you live a rich meaningful and healthy life.

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