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How To Develop More Confidence

Last Updated on June 19, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

While confidence is not an unchanging quality, it is a state of the mind that takes an unusual amount of endeavor to maintain when the going gets tough. It has to be learned, practiced and mastered just like any other skill. This is why it is quite important now more than ever for you to develop more confidence.

Every once in awhile, we are bound to encounter failures in some of our endeavors, but the failures themselves are not the real problem. The main issue is that the failures are accompanied by negative emotions that include regret, frustration, anger, desperation, mistrust, and shame.

These emotions, in turn, creates a dent in the confidence that we have built for ourselves.

Confidence is a source of power that must be generated internally; you have to cultivate the level of confidence that you desire, inside of you. Your confidence will grow, only if you learn how to train and protect it. Just the way you will like to have multiple streams of revenue to protect your finances, you will also like to have multiple streams that fuel your confidence. Once you master the art of being confident, you will notice that you will become changed for the better.

Are you currently in search for ways by which you can boost your confidence? Look no further, as listed below are some effective ways to help you gain and maintain your confidence.

  • Always Act Confidently

When you present yourself in a manner that suggests that you are ever ready to take control of any situation, people will have no other choice than to treat you in the same manner. You will not only feel in charge if you look and act confidently, but people will also have confidence in you as well. Your body language goes a long way to either show self-confidence or announces your insecurity.

While interacting with people, ensure that you hold your head high, sit up straight and gently bring your shoulders back to align your spine. Avoid a limp handshake and always maintain good eye contact while speaking with people. Practice the art of being self-confident, and soon, it will become second nature to you.

  • Let Your Dressing Ooze Confidence

As a rule of the thumb, looking better makes you feel better. When you pick clothes and accessories that sit well with you, suits your lifestyle and is okay with you, your self-confidence will automatically be boosted.

  • Speak With Self-assurance

People tend to listen to you more Attentively when they perceive leadership qualities from within you. A good speaker delivers his speech in a steady and rhythmic tone. To be regarded seriously, you have to avoid high-pitched and nervous chatter in your address.

  • Think And Act Positively

More often than not, thinking positively leads to positive outcomes. Also, laugh and smile, and surround yourself with happy and positive people. This way, you will feel better, and the people with whom you work will enjoy your company the more.

You will develop more peace and confidence when you are in a grateful state of mind. Avoid negative people because they will always try to erode your confidence because they lack it. Once you put more energy into your positive traits, your confidence will begin to radiate.

  • Always Be Prepared

Bear in mind that prior planning prevents poor performance. These are known as the five Ps. Always remember that the more prepared you are for a task, the more confident you will feel about your level of expertise and competence. Before you embark on a task, first visualize how you want to feel once you have completed it. Do not try to accomplish too much at once; break complex tasks up into small, feasible pieces.

  • Make A “Fab Five List.”

This is a list of five fabulous activities which you can do on a daily basis to boost your confidence. They should include the things that you enjoy doing, such as exercising, writing and meditating.

  • Keep a record of your successes.

Write down at least three successes you have by the end of every day, no matter how little they may seem. You can compile them into a journal so whenever you are feeling low on confidence, you can read through the list of your many successes to boost your confidence. Keeping a record of your achievements is highly therapeutic, and that is why we highly recommend it for your use.

  • Stand Up For Yourself

Your posture, as well as the amount of space you take up in a room,  has a great impact on the level of your confidence. When you act small, either by sitting down or by hunching over, you will feel small, no doubt. On the other hand, when you act big and also have a habit of standing up with a straight spine, you will feel bigger and better.

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