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How To Operate A Pole Saw Manually

Last Updated on June 18, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

A power pole saw is a chainsaw on a pole that you use to trim or prune thick branches and trees. With a pole saw, you can cut branches that are out of reach without having to use a ladder; you can also trim hedges and thick shrubs that are at awkward angles.

A pole saw is a useful gardening tool that saves you times and money. When you own a power pole saw, calling in professionals to tend your garden is not as necessary anymore, and you can perform minor tasks by yourself.

A power pole saw come in a variety of styles like most gardening tools, and each form has its unique benefits and disadvantages.

Cordless Power Pole Saw.
The cordless saw is the most convenient of all the styles available. With a cordless, there is no limit to the distance you can cover while cutting your trees. This style is also pretty lightweight and easy to use, it will not wear you out quickly, and it is quieter than all the other forms so you can be sure that it won’t bother the neighbors. However, the cordless option is for minor gardening work because the cordless power pole saw runs on batteries. It does not last as long as its counterparts, and it will probably go off after a few hours of running it. Because you have to recharge it often, it is advisable to carry a pack of batteries if you plan to use the power pole saw for some time. The cordless power pole saw may be easy to operate because you don’t have to deal with the hassles of cords and cables. However, if your garden is large or the work is a lot, a cordless pole saw is not the right option for you.

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Electric Pole Saw.
Unlike the cordless power pole saw, the electric saw is quite restrictive because you have to connect it to a power source and it won’t cover much distance. This is a considerable disadvantage for the electrical power cord as you cannot possibly have electric sockets all over your garden, and the cable will likely not be long enough to reach high branches. There is also the risk of cable twisting and tangling that you will have to deal with. Apart from this problem, the electric power pole saw is an excellent option as it is relatively quiet and it is lightweight. It also packs a lot of power and can cut through very thick branches so you can use for any hardcore gardening you need to do.

Gas-powered Pole Saw.
This style of pole saw is the most powerful and the most dangerous because its power source is gas. The pole saw is also loud and much heavier than its counterparts, however, if you need to do any serious gardening this pole saw is the best option for you. The gas-powered saw has many benefits including extra cutting bar length and more cutting capabilities; they also last much longer than the other styles of power pole saw. This option is ideal if you are tending to an extensive garden or you need to tame your garden often. Despite its weight and the noise it makes, the gas-powered pole saw is surprisingly portable.

Manually Operated Pole Saw
The only source of power required by this pole saw is the one the operator exerts. The manual saw is merely a blade on a pole, so it is incredibly lightweight and easy to use, it also requires little to no maintenance. The manual power pole saw is only useful for minor gardening work or small gardens. It needs more action on the part of the user than all the other options, but other than that, it is a decent option.

Why Should You Choose A Manual Pole Saw?

Manual pole saws are the most ideal for home gardeners who don’t mind the extra work. When you make use of this tool, the need for a ladder is eliminated because you can reach far heights with your blade and pole. It is also far safer than the other styles of power pole saw; there is no risk of a gas explosion or an electric shock, you do not have to worry about cables tangling or batteries dying. It is also the least expensive option, so if you are gardening on a budget, this is a tool you can rely on.

There Are Techniques You Can Follow And Tips You Need When You Use A Manual Pole Saw.

1. Make sure that the chain is lubricated and that the blade is sharpened before you use the power pole saw, manual pole saws do not require a lot of maintenance, but a little bit of care will go a long way.
2. If you are reaching to cut a high branch, you can extend your saw to the length required, then you lock it in place before you start to use it
3. Select all of the branches you intend to cut and make marks on them so you do not forget once you start cutting or trimming away.
4. Start your cutting from below and work your way to the top so you can get the lower branches out of your way.
5. Always cut from an angle so that you will have a clean cut and if you are cutting a thicker branch, start from the underside of the branch.
6. Maintain a proper stance while cutting so that you do not tip over and fall, plant your feet into the ground and bend your knees a little for a strong cutting posture and make sure your grip on the saw is firm.
7. Do not forget to wear protective gear while cutting so you can avoid any risks of serious injury. Wear goggles, a hard hat, leather gloves with good grip and work boots. When you cut branches from overhead, they can fall on you, a hard hat will protect you and goggles will give good visibility and keep dust and particles from entering your eyes.