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Induction Range Top Cooking Tips

Last Updated on June 10, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

induction range topThe cost for an induction range top can be expensive, well, it has gone down for what it was some years back, but it is still much pricey compared to a gas or electric cooktop. The price of the models can also vary to a large extent, and this can be discouraging for a lot of new users. Between a Bosch and GE induction top, you might notice a couple of differences in their pricing, but you could still get a decent induction cooktop stove for a lower price.


Once you purchase them, they have to be professionally installed, and it is not as easy as most people think. You can’t just hook it up to the power source and expect it to start. You will need an electrician to run a 50 amp breaker and a gauge Romex line. This is an extra cost that should be factored into your budget when buying an induction range top stove.

In this article, we will be looking at a couple of tips for induction cooktops.

  1. Inspection of Voltage

We spoke about installation above, and it is essential you get an electrician to install your induction range top for you but if you have to do it yourself following the user manual, ensure you inspect the rated voltage as some induction cooktops are manufactured to function correctly at 100 V, while others are not designed to. In the event you want to use your cooktop at 220 V, you might install a transformer to lower the voltage. If you don’t do this, in the event of an unstable power source, you might end up damaging your cooktop.

voltage checking

  1. Fixing Induction Range Top

When problems arise, as they would over time, make sure the professionals fix it. induction range top are made up of the complex electromagnetic system which makes it harmful if you try to fix it yourself in the event of a fault.

  1. Ideal Temperature

You should know the ideal temperature for using your induction cooktop. For most cooktops, the ideal temperature for using the cooktop ranges from 10 to 40 C, and it should be placed at least 15 cm away from your heating source. You should also regulate the temperature of the cooktop correctly and pay attention to how it is used in your home. Due to the power consumption of an induction cooktop, a little neglect might lead to an overheat.

If you have electronics such as DVD player and a television, you should keep it away from the induction cooktop to prevent magnetization with your cooktop.

  1. Clean properly

If you want to clean your induction cooktop, wait till the surface is cooled and wipe the surface with a wet cloth and a little bit of neutral detergent. Stay away from harsh chemicals and never scrub with an iron brush. All of these precautions should be taken seriously as they will determine how much your induction cooktop will last.

Energy Efficiency using an Induction Cooktop

Here are a couple of tips for saving more on power when using an induction cooktop in your home.

  1. Always turn off your induction range top minutes in advance. Try to turn off your cooktop stove some minutes ahead of time before you finish cooking to save energy plus the heat on the surface can still get your food done. This tip is suitable for boiling food and not for meals that includes frying.cook off
  2. The temperature should never be at the highest. Induction cooktops are designed to work where heat is created in cooking vessel directly. Induction top work best for cooking and are faster than a gas cooktop, but if you set your temperature to the highest as you do with the rest, you might end up getting burned. So, endeavor to set your temperature to a low-temperature mode to prevent burning.Temperature Check
  3. Choose your frying pans wisely

Aluminum pans tend to absorb heat faster than the rest of the pans, and they often result in overheating or burning of your food if you’re not careful, so be careful in your choice of frying pans.Frying Pan

  1. Proper utensils

As we’ve mentioned already, heat generated inside your cooking vessels with an induction range top is faster than with other cooktops. As such, you need to use proper kitchen utensils that are resistant to heat. Wooden utensils are recommended as you won’t have to worry about the fast heat- transmitted that comes with metallic utensils. Plastic utensils are a no-no as they will melt from the high temperature.utensils