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Jonsered Chainsaws Reviewed: Consistence and Performance

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Chainsaws are merchandise that nearly every one of us will have to procure at some point or another, to be able to do some yard maintenance or even for use in a professional setting. These pieces of equipment are typically expensive and they require some looking into before purchasing. As with anything, there are some brands that are well known and respected and there are some brands that you have to be wary of.


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The earliest reference about the appearance of the chainsaw appeared in the 1830 article by Wolf Seufert, called the osteotome, which proved helpful in orthopaedic surgery. Then, a man called Muir in 1926 created the first logging chainsaw by putting a chain on a blade. Despite this advance, this experiment was a commercial and financial failure due to the heaviness and bulkiness of the equipment. In 1926, the Father of Chainsaws, the German Andreas Stihl, submitted a patent for the first gasoline-run cutting machine, the pioneer patent for hand-held mobile chainsaws designed for woodcutting, thus giving birth to modern chainsaws.

One of the companies in the 21st century which aims to keep the history of how chainsaws came to being is Jonsered, a Swiss-run business with a name synonymous to guaranteed efficiency, productivity and quality. Initially, Jonsered was a traditional industrial community located by the Säve River in Sweden.

Jonsered’s began constructing their factories in 1834. The expansion of wood processing machinery began in 1880 and fielded the path of Jonsered manufacturers today. The birth of the precursor of the modern chainsaw was birthed by the company in 1954 as the earth’s first light, one-man chain saw was introduced.

One year later, the first clearing saw was pioneered. As one of the world’s most respected brands of professional grade power equipment, Jonsered offers everything from leaf blowers to garden tractors. In fact, the first one-man chainsaw was born in 1954, in Sweden in its namesake town.

As a country heavily populated by forests and tormented by harsh weather, the Nordic people must learn how to adapt quickly to the environment and integrate it to their daily lives. Thus, the main goal of Jonsered was birthed – to make these men’s lives easier and less risky as they battle forth the ice and cold.

What does Jonsered have to offer?

The main attraction is the company’s undisputed reputation for world-class chainsaws. As of writing this article, there are currently fifty chainsaws waiting in line. There are three major categories of how these chainsaws are characterized, namely: full-time forestry use, part-time forestry-use and occasional use/firewood.

As a quick introduction, the smaller saws in the Jonsered professional range start with. You have a lot of considerations and the CS2153 at 50cc and go up to the 65cc CS2156 which is the reliable saw for every day.

Full-time forestry chainsaws are for purely professional workers in everyday use. With their powerful engines, fast acceleration and expandable torque, the demand for these highly efficient super machines is booming expansively.


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Cutting Tips

No one is anticipated to be knowledgeable and know everything there is to know about every individual product, especially its benefits, its drawbacks, and the similarities and contrast between it and another comparable product, eventually causing the people to look into before they invest money into something they do research. Jonsered chainsaws are very well respected and acknowledged as one of the best chainsaw makes on today’s market.

What are the different types of chainsaws?

Part-time forestry chainsaws are all-around chainsaw models designed for handling various tasks. With their durability and user-friendly interface, this is a favorite for part-time professionals and hobbyists.

Occasional use/firewood chainsaws can either be powered from petrol or battery. Their ease of use and lightweight cases prove to be very popular among homeowners.

Can you buy Jonsered online?

In order to assure quality assurance and the best possible products, the Jonsered Company has opted to choose selling dealer-only saws.

Why choose Jonsered Chainsaws?

  • Unparalleled balance and precision. The aerodynamic saw body imparts the user a perfect balance and control. Also, the front handle creates a clear felling direction marker, which is an essential safety measure.
  • Turbo Air Cleaning. By utilizing centrifugal force, it can separate almost the entirety of sawdust from the air vents, giving your chainsaws enhanced cleanliness and prevent it from dusting out. Compared to regular chainsaws, Jonsered prodcucts do not generally have clogged up air vents as they do.
  • Tool-Free Chain Tensioner. Handling a heavy equipment on your body can cause strain and damage, that’s why the side mounted chain tensioner helps the user in making the chain adjustment quicker and easier. As of writing, there are already several models possessing the well-appreciated tool-free chain tensioner which helps chain tensioning and assembly of the bar and chain even easier.
  • Easy Start with Spin Start. This nifty addition to the chainsaw helps when switching on the machine and reduces pull resistance in the starter handle by almost an astonishing 90%.

Let’s give a quick review for some of the most popular chainsaws Jonsered has to offer.

Chainsaw CS 2238 Review

This is a home-owner chainsaw designed for small tasks such as wood-pruning, weed cutting and light tree-falling. An environmentally-friendly engine runs through it with easy handling and a light-weight handles and neat features such as combined choke-stop which makes it more functional for a quick start appeal. With its fuel efficient Clean Power use, the design reduces harmful exhaust emissions by up to 75% and increases fuel efficiency by up to 20%. It runs on two horsepower and has a very effective anti-vibration dampeners absorb vibration, reducing the impact on the user, resulting in more comfortable operation.

Chainsaw CS 2240 Review

An occasional use/firewood saw, with its easy design for home owners and used for several easy functions. It is also equipped with the Clean Power Engine providing less emission and less fuel consumption. With its unique and amazing Turbo intake air cleaning system, up to 97% of the sawdust from the air is removed before it reaches the filter. It also has one of the best damping elements which are essential in the provision of the best vibration damping currently in the market. Also, increased safety is ensured with the inertia activated chain brake.

Jonsered Chainsaw CS 2171 Review

A powerful and graceful saw which can handle any situation, this is the tool most professionals and hardcore dealers would want for any business. The ultimate mother of all saws, this tool has everything you could ever dream of. It is quite amazing how one tool can provide a lot of benefits and advantages. Providing a much easier start with the spin start, cranking up your saw game is easier than you think. It runs on 70.7cc engine, which is an incredible power which can hack through a bar at least 28 inches.

Jonsered CS 2165 Review

A fairly light-weight saw compared to its considerable weight, it makes it very useful when it comes to handling limbing and climbing trees but still has enough power to cut through thick diameter branches with little or no effort. It’s one of the easiest chainsaws to handle and also equipped with the outstanding turbo air cleaner most Jonsered chainsaws possess, a side mounted chain tensioner and a decompression valve. The fuel capacity is an impressive 0.77 liter and maximum bar lengths are 70 centimetres.

Jonsered CS 2121

This electric chainsaw is optimal for occasional use and for cutting firewood. It has an oil level gauge, which allows the operator to keep check on all the oil levels when using the chainsaw. Also equipped with turbo and an Anti-vibration system, its motor has an adequate power rating of 2000 W with the oil tank capacity of 0.1 liters.

Jonsered CS 2245 Review

One of Jonsered’s newest and all around chainsaws built for home use, land owners and professional users alike, it is very efficient for quick tree-felling, limbing or crosscutting.

Jonsered CS 2117 Review

This electrical chainsaw is highly competent and a good thing about it is that it can be easily operated even in limited spaces. With its functional and easy to replace carbon brushes, it makes it far simpler to maintain the device. Compared to other Jonsered chainsaws, this saw runs more quietly and is equipped with all the amenities the other chainsaws also have.

Jonsered CS 2016

One of the oldest models, the Jonserd CS 2016 was built in 1997. It has a reasonable power rating of 1600 KW and the saw consumes power of 220 Volts to 380 Volts. The cutting equipment has a bar length of 13 inch, chain pitch of 325 inch, gauge of 1.3 mm. A lightweight saw, it can be used for plainly occasional woodcuts at 3.7kgs.

Jonsered Chainsaw CS 2165

If you need a part-time forestry use that doesn’t compromise features, the Jonsered Chainsaw CS 2165 is perfect for amateur forestry use. IT comes with an Ulticor, a custom Jonsered construction for advanced performance and supreme toughness. With an engine of 65.1cc, it is more than enough to handle virtually any type of cutting duty and is an all-efficient little monster.

Jonsered Chainsaw CS 3360 S Review

A light-weight to medium chainsaw which doesn’t skimp on durability, efficiency and speed, this chainsaw is a good choice for cutting firewood and doing general household activities requiring it. Equipped with Turbo and Anti-vibration systems for comfort and keeping the tool clean, it also has snap-lock covers, which gives easy access to the air filter and spark plugs easily without having to use any screws when changing them.

Jonsered Chainsaw Safety Tips

Safety tips!

Read all safety precautions and instructions in the user’s manual.

Be familiar with the four normal cuts that use while operating with a chainsaw:

Felling: This is the act of cutting down a tree.

Limbing: This is the act of removing the tree limbs before or after it is felled.

Trimming: This refers to the act of cutting limbs back or taking off branches on a limb.

Bucking: This is the act of cutting the log or trunk of the tree in utilizable pieces, for instance, fireplace lengths or lumberwood.

Do a very thorough safety check. Make certain that the chain is secured properly, has the tension adjusted appropriately, and cannot rotate when the chain brake is engaged. Check that the air filter is appropriately set up and that the faceplate and bar nuts are secured on firmly. Also, be careful and aware of the dangers of “kick back” which is the leading cause of chainsaw injury. To avoid the occurrence of kick backs, use a saw large enough for the job. A good point to recall is that cutting half the diameter of a log doubles the chances of kickback. Never ever control a saw which is not in good working condition. The kick-back brake, chain guard, and other safety features are all there for your protection.

You have a lot of things to keep in mind when buying a chainsaw. Remember, it is after all, a fairly large investment that can make you step back at least two hundred dollars. You have to consider about how often you will be using it, what kind of applications you will be using it for, and if you’re willing to actually sit down and maintain the piece of equipment you’re buying properly.

Remember your Personal Protective Equipment. The operator should always wear his personal protective equipment armed with clothing and other gear intended to reduce the severity and possibility of any accident before going into the field to operate a chainsaw. The approved hard hat is the most basic, most essential tool needed when operating a chainsaw. There are many types of hard hats available, be it with attached ear muffs, necessary to cut the noise, as well as a screen-shield, which provides the user eye protection from flying debris.

As a leading equipment manufacturer, through the years, Jonsered Chainsaws has always been managed to continually upgrade and advance the technology behind the products, leading to advancements in better fuel efficiency, less pollution and more stable aerodynamic design to suit the needs of their thousands of customers.