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What is a Lamination Machine Used For

Last Updated on June 10, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

A Lamination machine can be used for a variety of reasons. When you have a laminator, the main goal is to use it to preserve the quality of laminated print documents. It does this by offering a protective barrier against moisture, dirt, cuts or damage. There is also the stiffness added to the material that makes it easy to hold onto and affix to a wall. It can be used in the home, at work, laboratory offices and even construction offices.

For businesses, preferences can differ from the type of materials to be laminated to the volume to be done. Some offices might have a specialized purpose while others might have a broader purpose for laminating documents.

Overview of Laminating

Depending on the project involved, the material to be laminated must be within a size range and the machine must be large enough to cover the whole material. While it’s not impossible to laminate large pieces of printed materials with small laminating sheets but it may take longer than it would have if it was done on a much larger machine. To get the best look aesthetically and the highest durability, consumers should consider the type of laminating machines that will better suit their needs.

We have two main types of lamination machines – Hot Lamination Machines and the Cold Lamination Machines.

Hot Laminators use heated plates or rollers and it works by inserting a material into the lamination pouch. Depending on the type of pouch you purchase, but most pouches are sealed on one side so the document doesn’t slide out. The pouch, with an optional laminating carrier, is run through the machine to affix the lamination to the material with heat and pressure. The carrier is essential to everything as it will protect the document from overheating and damage.

Cold Laminators, on the other hand are not suited for heat. It works by using the energy from pressure by the rollers/plates in the laminator to stick the laminating sheet to the object or material.

Depending on your preferences, there are small and inexpensive laminators which are perfect for small businesses just starting with minor laminating needs as well as those who need laminators for their home offices. For businesses who are much larger that require mass lamination production or offices that needs to laminate large sized material, there are commercial laminators that can be considered. These are heavy duty and industry grade laminators known for their powerful motors and larger heat areas for laminating large print materials.