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Life Changing Benefits Of A Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter

Last Updated on June 19, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

Mobility scooters are battery-powered scooters that aid movement like wheelchairs but are more similar in design to motor scooters. Individuals with movement issues can utilize heavy duty mobility scooter especially if they are able to stay upright and drive the heavy duty mobility scooter. You can use a mobility scooter if you have a systemic issue or disabling condition such as arthritis or obesity, elderly people who have given up driving can also use the scooters instead.

Mobility scooters have made a lot more comfortable for a lot of people, they improve confidence, self-esteem sociability and prevent isolation and they also improve the quality of life of those who make use of them. A heavy duty mobility scooter helps you to regain independence so you no longer have to rely on others and you live and move around on your own terms.

If you have to make trips outside your home to the local stores or to visit friends and family or engage in other social activities, the heavy duty mobility scooter may be the ideal solution for you. It has an extensive range, it is safe to use and comes with safety features like indicators, headlights, better suspension and long battery life, it also has handle-bar steering.

heavy duty mobility scooter

The scooters are divided into three main types that range from indoor use to travel and navigation on rough terrain. The scooter can be small and portable, medium size or heavy duty with greater weight capacity. A big or heavy duty mobility scooter usually require larger batteries so that they can travel long distances.

There are several things you ought to consider before choosing a heavy duty mobility scooter such as

Where you will use it
The scooters range in size and function, if you will use your heavy duty mobility scooter indoors, it will have to be easy to maneuver, have a small turning radius and be portable enough. It is also an added advantage if you can fold your scooter, dismantle or disassemble it for easy storage especially if you do not have a lot of space. In a situation like this, it is best to go for a small, low-speed scooter.

If you are a social butterfly who spends most of your time outdoors, then you will need to consider a different type of scooter, ideally a stronger one that can handle uneven pavements, streets, and sidewalks. It is also essential that your heavy duty mobility scooter be stable and have speed controls, in this situation, you should go for a four-wheeled scooter with good puncture proof tires.

Some outdoor scooters are suitable for driving on pavements and they usually have a speed limit of four meters per hour while some have up to eight meters per hour and you can drive them on roads as long as you have a rearview mirror, headlights, brakes, indicators, a horn, and rear reflectors. Outdoor scooters are usually much larger and have a wider turning radius so they are not so easy to maneuver in small spaces but they will travel long distances on rough terrain.

The travel distance
If you plan to go on longer trips with your heavy duty mobility scooter then you need a heavy duty scooter with a larger battery and long battery life to avoid the risk of the battery dying at an inconvenient time and place. If you plan to drive on rough terrain or hilly roads then you will need a four-wheeled heavy duty mobility scooter.

The best way to find out if your scooter can handle these places is to test it out before you purchase it.
If you have to drive your heavy duty mobility scooter on the main road, then you will have to check the laws of your area to be sure that it is legal and to confirm the speed limit.

If you want to put your scooter on the road, ensure that it can go up to eight meters per hour and that it is fitted with indicators, headlights, tail lights, horn, rear view mirror, brakes first. A driver’s license is usually unnecessary as long as you are old enough and have legitimate reasons to drive a heavy duty mobility scooter.

It is important to check the restrictions that will present themselves with the use of a mobility scooter in your home.

You have to check that home has enough space for heavy duty mobility scooter use, that you can drive it through your gate and move around your property with the scooter. If you plan to drive it indoors, make sure it can fit through your front door and if you plan to leave it in the yard or garden, ensure that there is a power source nearby to enable you to charge the scooter.

If you live in a restrictive area or a rented apartment, make sure to get proper consent for use and storage of your scooter, and for comfort, buy a scooter you can easily fold or dismantle for storage.

The use of a mobility scooter can be a life changer as it will make your life more comfortable and previously stressful things, more accessible.

It can help you to improve and balance your social life and to go about your daily tasks without much hassle. However, if one is not careful you may begin to depend on the heavy duty mobility scooter and the sedentary nature may affect your health and cause a decline in physical functionality.

If you are still able to move around on your own without the help of a heavy duty mobility scooter, it is advisable that you do so once in a while to keep you fit and healthy.