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Popular Garden Machines in 2020

Last Updated on June 13, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

There are so many popular garden machines that can be used to watch over your garden. Today, we will look at the best popular garden machines in 2020. You might have heard about some of these tools while others might be new to you.

1. Backpack Leaf Blower


A backpack leaf blower is a leaf blower whose main unit sits on you as a backpack would. It has straps as well, that sits on your shoulders which ensures it is more comfortable to wear and carry around. When you fit the leaf blower on your back, you will be left with the handheld wand which produces the necessary air to clean up your garden. Whether your landscape needs a personal or an industrial, a strong cordless leaf blower can perform the job and keep it clean of leaves and other types of debris.

Here are some tips to help you pick out the right leaf blower that will suit your needs.

  1. Noise Level

If you live in a very quiet neighborhood and you intend to do your cleaning without adding to the noise in the community, you should go for a leaf blower that has a noise dampening technology. This ensures you can do the needed job without having to disturb the rest of the neighborhood.

  1. Durability and Design

Durability and productivity are important when it comes to landscaping. Leaf blowers with centrifugal air cleaning systems are often more durable than those who don’t as this allows the reduction in wear as well as to extend the time needed for usage to the period where you have to clean the filters. Ergonomic designs are also important when making a consideration for a leaf blower. Some blowers have an anti-vibration damper that absorbs vibration during use which reduces the amount of work that your arms and hands have to go through.

2. Pole Saw

The second popular garden tool that you need to purchase is the pole saw. Basically, it is a saw at the end of a pole designed for tree trimming. It can be powered with gas, battery or a power outlet. For those that are non-powered, they come with a pruning saw attached to the end of the pole which is why they are called manual action pole saw.

Pole saws are using for tree trimming and pruning of large shrubs. With a pole saw, you will be able to remove those branches that are hard to reach and areas that might have required the use of a step ladder. With a pole saw, you don’t have to go up and down to prune shrubs and it can also be used to reach objects such as a hedge.

Choosing the best pole saw will be determined based on the power source; whether or not there is enough to cut through the branches that you want to cut through. You also need to check the cutting blade to know if it’s of the sufficient length. Manufacturers often include the pole reach and the average person’s height that can use it. So, you should check out for that.

3. Leaf Mulcher

Another top garden tool that you should look into in 2020 is the leaf mulcher. This allows you to reduce the amount of leaves wasting around and disfiguring your garden. It works by mixing grass clippings with leaf particles. Leaf mulchers can mulch, side discharge and bag up the mulch at the same time.

When considering the type of leaf mulcher you should go for, look at the capacity. The capacity determines what you will much. Lightweight leaf mulchers are often for those who want to mulch leaves and twigs. But, if you have lots of trees around and you need to clear lots of leaves and twigs, you will be needing a heavy duty leaf mulcher that can handle larger limbs. The prices differ as the functionality differs. The power source should also be looked into. Depending on the consideration and preferences you want, leaf mulchers can either be powered by gas or from a power outlet. They both have their advantages and disadvantages with ease of movement being a distinct qualification as you can move around more with gas-powered mulchers compared with electric mulchers that the house into an electric socket.

4. Garden Tillers


Garden tillers are strong machines designed for digging and mixing soil into the garden bed. They come in a front tine, vertical tine, and rear tine style. The style you choose will be dependent on what you want to use them for. They are gas powered with larger tines and strength for breaking into hard ground. A garden tiller is quite useful if you have a garden even if you have one that only requires tilling and cultivating year after year.

Types of Garden Tillers

  1. Front-Tine Tillers

This kind of tillers work like small cultivators and they are more suitable for tilling and stirring up the slightly loose soil and established beds. A bit similar to cultivators but works more than they do. They are way more powerful and bigger than cultivators. A front-tine tiller with adjustable tine width will be able to work effectively for easy optimization irrespective of the situation.

  1. Rear-Tine Tillers

These type of tillers are used for breaking compact and hard soil. They often come with rugged tires for stability on the soil. What you will enjoy this type of tillers is that it offers tine rotations that can be used. They can work in a forward rotating direction, counter-rotating or dual rotating.

  1. Vertical-Tine Tillers

These set of tillers is a new innovation in the garden tilling market. it works like an egg beater. It is turned vertically so the tines cut through the hard soil in a forward motion which makes the operation smoother. Vertical-tine tillers are more suitable for reviving already established gardens by working in a churning motion to break the new soil and mix it up in one single pass.

5. Log Splitter


If you still remember how your back aches after splitting wood for hours so you can get warmed up, you will know how much you need a log splitter to do the dirty job for you. If you have a continuous need to bring down trees due to diseases or storm damage in an easy and efficient fashion, a log splitter might be needed in your storage with other garden tools.

Splitting logs of wood with mauls and wedges might seem like an exercise worth taking but it can also be quite strenuous. Log splitters take the work of you and get the job done efficiently. They are often available in electric and gas powered models. Before buying a new model, ensure you place it on level ground, don’t use a log splitter where the ground is wet or icy as this could be dangerous for you. Since a log splitter does the work by splitting wood for you, you should ensure you wear eye protection at all times when operating the tool.