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Power Tree Trimmer – How Safe Is A Pole Saw When Used?

Last Updated on June 18, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

There are a variety of tools that you can use to tend to your garden, and one of those tools is a pole saw. A pole saw is a saw attached to a pole and used to trim trees, thick shrubs, and hedges, and it could be either manual or powered by gas, electricity or batteries. A power tree trimmer helps you cut those branches and bushes that are out of reach without having to use a step-ladder or call for help.

Choosing the right pole saw depends on your needs and requirements, these tools vary in style and function, and they are available at different prices and sizes. They also differ in pole length, blade length, power size, and type, some power tree trimmer also has detachable saws so you can use them at ground level.
Manual pole saws are most useful for light work like pruning twigs and small trees, and they are ideal for home gardeners with small gardens. The powered saws are suitable for more heavy-duty work, and you can use them in large gardens with large trees.

Before you choose your power tree trimmer, know these things.;

power tree trimmer

The power source is important, and it determines just how much the tool packs and how well it can cut through thick branches and shrubs.

You need a cutting blade that is long enough to cut through trees.
The pole length is usually determined by an average person height and may be longer or shorter than you need.

Pole saws vary in weight with electric saws being much lighter than a gas-powered power tree trimmer, and heavy pole saws can tire you out quickly.

If you purchase gas or petrol-powered power tree trimmer, you will need to do a lot more maintenance than you would for any other model of power tree trimmer.

A few models are detachable which is good if you plan to do a lot of groundwork, all you need to do is remove the pole from the saw, so it functions as a regular chainsaw.

Pole material is generally either steel or fiberglass, and poles vary in length, but some models are adjustable. A longer pole may mean a costlier tool, so make sure the branches you are cutting are very far out of reach before you invest in a power tree trimmer with a long pole.

You should also note that pole reach is quite different from pole length, it can be misleading so make sure you confirm with your supplier or the manufacturer.

The length of the bar is also essential, the average length is about eight inches, but there are other sizes. A long bar means it will be easier to cut through thick tree branches and you will need more power to drive the chain the length must be greater than the thickest branches you need to cut. Gas-powered saws usually have longer bars, and they are the most powerful while cordless saws have shorter bars.

Cordless Pole Saws

They are the least powerful of the powered power tree trimmer models and they do not last as long as the others. However, they are more lightweight, more silent and far more convenient to use. Cordless pole saws are useful because you don’t have to deal with tangling cables and nothing is limiting the distance to the tree branch you want to cut. They are powered by batteries and have to be often charged as a single charge will only last for about one hour. They are also quite portable and don’t require a lot of maintenance, replace the batteries and sharpen the chain now and then.Gas-powered pole saws

This model is the most powerful of the lot and requires more maintenance than the rest. It is more powerful, so it is best suited for thick branches, and it has more cutting power. They are relatively noisy and they last longer but they are still quite portable and preferable to the electric model. They are ideal for large areas, and the professionals tend to prefer them.

Electric pole saws

This model is powered by electricity and is the least convenient because you need to plug it in. It is also quite portable, and it is lighter and more powerful than the cordless saw. There is minimal maintenance required; it is also not suitable for wet weather.

Manual power tree trimmer

This model is quite simple and easy to use. It is lightweight and the power source needed is from the operator. The cutting blade is usually longer than the ones on the powered models, and it can cut reasonably large branches. It requires little maintenance, just the occasional cleaning and sharpening.

Pole saws have a lot of advantages;

They are generally not costly and a much better option than calling in a professional to trim your hedges
They are easy to operate, even for amateurs. All you need to do is push a button to start it up and cut away
They don’t need a lot of care and maintenance; you need to sharpen, clean or replace batteries once in a while and that’s about it
They are usually portable and lightweight, so they don’t weigh down your arms and shoulders when cutting branches.

How safe are they?

Pole saws can be harmful if you do not take safety precautions, these precautions are essential as you are operating the power tree trimmer overhead. But to keep safe, all you need to do is;

1. Wear protective gear
Put on your eye goggle, wear leather gloves with good grip, wear a good pair of work boots and proper protective clothing like overalls and most importantly, wear a hard hat.

2. Maintain your tool
Pole saws have sharp parts, and they are dangerous, maintain the cutting chains and watch your chain tension as you operate the tool. Make sure you keep it lubricated, replace air filters and fuel and oil when necessary, check the electrical cord and pull cord, inspect the spark plug and charge the batteries. Also, clean the power tree trimmer as often as practicable.