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Chainsaw Products Comparison

Last Updated on June 13, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

Chainsaw is one tool very efficient for cutting needs in woodwork. You may have one type of chainsaw but produce different products depending on your experience and the type of wood you use. Manufacturers produce a different type of chainsaws the only difference it brings out is its power, durability, rate of performance. The other reason for the difference is the source of power. Petrol, gas, diesel and electricity are the main sources of power for chain saws. Electric ones are efficient and faster but can only be used in areas where there is a connection to the grid, unlike diesel and petrol which can be carried and added even when working deep in the forest.

What brings the difference when you have one chainsaw but can be used for different purposes? This is the cutting blade, which is fixable, you can invest in different types of blades and chains of equivalent sizes to ensure you are able to cut any type of surface and in different patterns. The type of blade should also suit the chainsaw and material to be cut, for example, when cutting metal you need a stronger blade which cannot cause friction because on contact of metals. A stronger blade is also ideal for hardwood compared to softwood.

Here are some of the chainsaw products and their comparison:

Logs of Firewood

When cutting firewood, they are cut in small sizes which can be used in a kitchen fire, it needs a blade which is sharp and has small ends compared to a blade which can be used when felling a tree. The type of wood also is of help to ensure you are able to adjust the power to meet the cutting demands. Logs of firewood are always done on site or at the point where the tree is fell, then transported, if on site and there is electric power connection, why waste time use the electric chainsaw and cut the firewood but if is at the source, petrol or diesel powered chainsaw will work.

Carpentry Woodcutting

Woodcutting for carpentry work now need a moderate power saw because you are now dealing with timber, all you need is a tape measure to ensure you get the right measurements when cutting the wood compared to the tree where you have o deal with the hard barks and roots.

Ice Cuttings

Winter comes with is on the share of challenges, at times you need to literally cut ice to pave way for natural path, although the state use air sprays to melt the ice, this could be within your homestead, you need a strong and waterproof blade to handle ice cuttings.

Metal Cuttings

What about when using metal? Metal needs a heavy and thick blade to sustain the pressure and vibration associated with metal cutting. This is where the electric chainsaw is efficient. It will handle all types of metal cutting requirements.

The type of chainsaw product entirely depends on the type of machine and the blade used in the cuttings.

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