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Relaxing Foot Massage To A Better Outlook

Last Updated on June 18, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

We can give all it takes to have a beautiful outlook. We visit the hair salon to have a nice hairdo frequently; the cosmetologist makes up our faces nicely, we paint our fingernails beautifully, but we often forget our feet. There is a saying that our feet take us to our destiny. One way via which we can give our feet a treat is by frequenting the foot spa. This leads us to the benefits of a relaxing foot massage treatment.

relaxing foot massage

Foot spa is a soothing procedure that relieves one of the tensions built up in the feet over time. It is usually carried out by immersing the feet in a foot bath that contains warm water and essential oils, scouring, massaging, detoxifying, cleansing, applying foot lotion and application of nail polish to the toenails. Foot spa can be made at home that can be done at least once in two days for the best appearance and health of your feet and body. There are also foot spa machines that help detoxify toxins in the body. A relaxing foot massage is a lot more beneficial to both physical and mental health than most people realize; it is a known fact that foot massage relaxes the body and relieves pains after standing up and walking around for hours, but are its benefits limited to relieving pains?
Highlighted below are some of the additional benefits of a foot spa treatment supported by science – these benefits can either be immediate or be seen and felt after some weeks, despite having as little as two sessions per week.

1. It is good for your sex life
Massaging the foot is a good form of foreplay; it can relieve your partner of all pent-up anger of the day. The feet can serve as a great starting point for lovemaking since they can cause arousal and offer a quick transition to powerful sexually sensitive zones like the back of the knees and inner thighs.

2. It reduces headaches
The feet have nerve points; massaging the feet lightly during a session stimulates the nerve points and helps in treating symptoms like a headache and migraine.

3. It improves blood circulation
An office lifestyle involves sitting for the most of the day, the muscles of the feet therefore hardly get exercised. Tight and uncomfortable shoes also impair proper blood circulation. Massaging the foot for about 15 minutes before bedtime helps improve circulation of the blood.

4. It helps in detoxification
Giving the foot a spa treatment helps the body to get rid of toxins. The liver and kidney are detoxified; the pH balance of the body is maintained. Also, acne and wrinkles on the face are cleared off.

5. It helps prevent foot and ankle injuries
When a relaxing foot massage is combined with ankle exercises, foot and ankle injuries are prevented. It also helps hasten up the recovery of injuries as well as reduce muscle aches.

6. It is helpful in treating insomnia
Insomnia is a state of sleeplessness. Since foot spa treatment is known to relieve one of tension, a session in the foot spa helps in getting proper sleep thereby reducing the symptoms of insomnia.

7. It reduces the effects of depression and anxiety
Some studies have shown that constant sessions reduce anxiety in cancer patients.

8. It preserves feet moisture
Since foot spa treatment involves soaking of the feet in warm water and eventual massage with oils, the moisture of massaged feet is maintained. Saturated feet hardly get rankles or other foot issues.

9. Lowers blood pressure
High blood pressure is common with people that have jobs that are both physically and mentally tasking. A 15-minute spa treatment session done at least twice a week can lower the blood pressure.

10. Foot spa is beneficial in treating acidity and indigestion.

11. It helps mitigate symptoms of menopause
The period before menopause is characterized by feelings of sadness, irritability, fatigue, depression and mood swings. Massaging the foot regularly alleviates the symptoms during this period.

12. It detects a problem early
Getting a relaxing foot massage detects the indication of corns and bunions at an early stage so that adequate treatment can be administered.

13. It reduces effects of edema in pregnant women

Edema is the swelling of the feet and ankle as a result of retention of fluid therein, and it is common in pregnant women who are in their last trimester. Relaxing foot massage, as well as, proper rest and the right diet can reduce edema’s effect.

14. It sheds dead skin cells

Removal of dead skin cells from the feet, especially the heel, energizes new cell development which makes the feet smoother and more attractive.
Even though professional massages might be a bit costly, resources are available online that can teach you one or two things about the styles of relaxing foot massage available.

15. It lessens opportunities for diseases

Cleaning, trimming and cutting of the toenails keep them from growing internally and bringing on diseases. The removal of microscopic organisms from your feet will help cancel out nail disorder and foot scents. It is also essential to keep toenails sound since they protect toes from injury.
16. It relieves arthritis pain
Individuals experiencing joint pain can be reduced when foot spa is done in the morning and night. The foot spa treatment for patients with joint inflammation contains ocean growth seaweeds which help ligament patients.