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Should You Get A Personal Trainer?

Last Updated on June 10, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

amazingmachines.info-personal-trainerIn as much as work out sessions are a great idea to help you keep fit, doing it right is the main determinant of the level of results you will get. Whether or not you are a debutant, we highly recommend that you get a personal trainer to assist you in your drills. However, many gyms offer a free session with personal trainers at sign-up, to help you get acquainted with the machines.

What Does A Personal Trainer Do?

While we consider a personal trainer the highest investment you can make in your personal fitness, it is also essential that you know what you’re getting into before any commitment is made. The key to success with a personal trainer is knowing what you want to achieve and using them to achieve your goal. Let’s have a look at some tips on what a personal trainer can and cannot do for you:

  • They have the ability to motivate you with personal experiences on keeping fit and also words of encouragement to keep you from backing down. Motivation is a vital tool that most personal trainers provide; it keeps the trainees going, together with the attention they get from their personal trainers.
  • They help you attain your goals. Having goals is one thing, attaining them is another. Personal trainers have the ability to understand various strengths and weaknesses. After pinpointing yours, their next steps will be working hand in hand with you to help you attain those goals no matter how tough they seem to you.
  • They cannot provide immediate results. Intense efforts, time and commitment, are needed to keep you fit. However, the change you desire to see does not happen overnight. The results you need will come gradually, all you have to do is trust your personal trainer and stick to your workout program.
  • They can create bespoke programs. During your first session, your personal trainer is meant to have a conversation with you; this should border on your abilities, needs, and goals. These are the major things the personal trainer will use in customizing your program. It is also expected of the personal trainer to follow you up to see how your body is reacting to the program so that they can adjust your plan if necessary.
  • They cannot replace your doctor, nutritionist or physiotherapist. While it’s a usual occurrence to ask your personal trainer for advice about your body, do not mistake their expertise on fitness for expertise on the general body health. A personal trainer is a specialist in healthy living and no matter his educational qualifications, cannot replace a qualified medical practitioner. You can as well ask your instructor for referrals to some medical practitioners, as they are mostly bound to be in contact with them.

Benefits of working with a personal trainer

  • Personal trainers act as directors who tell you what to expect at the end of each workout session. Because there are areas, you’ll like to work on, they come in handy to educate you on how to maximize each workout session to aim at various muscle groups.
  • Assessing yourself in the mirror while you work out goes a long way to boost your confidence and stature. However, it will be much better if you have someone who will be there to coach you through it while you work.
  • Trainers push you beyond the limits that you set for yourself. Just when you think that you can’t go any further, they’ll tell you to either “hold for another minute” or “do ten more reps.” You simply have to do it and scale the limit hurdle.
  • They always help you to keep track of your activities, especially when you feel like throwing in the towel.
  • They are an inspiration to people who want to keep fit. More often than not, personal trainers engage in exercises such as running, with you, to keep you going. The sight of a workout partner is enough inspiration to help you achieve your fitness goals.
  • Personal trainers also act as therapists. Whatever crisis it is you are going through, your trainer can be the ideal person to talk about it with while you are working out.

Things to keep in mind while signing up for a personal trainer in a workout program.

  • Never show up at a training session on an empty stomach, or without adequate sleep. Whenever your body is not energized and hydrated, you end up achieving nothing as far as the workout is concerned.
  • Always bear in mind that it takes more than coming to training sessions to keep you fit and healthy. The major things that matter are the things you do before and after you meet with your trainer, which include your food choices, alcohol, workouts and a commitment to a new lifestyle.
  • The focus is always basic if you want to achieve full success at the end of your training program. Always do away with distractions such as phone calls during training sessions. You do not expect to give full attention to two things at the same time; choose one and stick to it.
  • Having a good gear not only ensure that you get maximum results at the end of your training program, but it also prevents the cramping up of your joints and feet. Invest in good gear, and you will enjoy every workout session.
  • You should also note that in working out, quality is regarded more than quantity. For instance, a 30-minute workout session using maximum efforts is way better than 60 minutes of unseriousness and moping about.

If you are opting for a workout without a personal trainer, we can help you choose the best fitness machine that is right for you. Click here for other fitness machines reviews.