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Must Have Table Saw Accessories

Last Updated on June 10, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

Having the right table saw accessories is more powerful than you think. It can take your woodworking ability to the next level.
Whether fresh out of the box or one with some miles under it, the right accessory will take your cutting game a notch higher than you currently are.

While your table saw might seem to make most cuts, well, good enough. But what you may not yet realize is that it can do so much more. Many woodworkers don’t know that table saws, like other shop tools, are supposed to be tinkered with and improved. Here are some must-have table saw accessories that can turn any table saw from nice to really nice.

  • Five-Piece Safety Set
    This affordable starter set is a smart buy for craftsmen and table saw owners as it allows you to keep your items in their rightful place in the shop. A fully equipped shop needs to have a few well-placed extras and other places to keep things like push pads and push sticks in order to save time and eliminate the temptation of getting your fingers too close to the blade.
  • Grip-Tite Featherboard
    The Grip-Tite Featherboard is another table saw accessory that serves as an extra set of hands where fingers should not get to. It comes with a strong magnet which helps it stay in place way better than some clamp-in place solution that you might have tried in the past. It also features a cam release that makes them smooth to remove and reposition it into other cast iron or steel blades in the shop. Since these Featherboards have magnets and we know magnets don’t stick on wood or aluminum, the Grip Tite has long steel plates that can be screwed onto your existing fence. Additionally, you can also get the table saw fence clamps that can be used to remove the metal fence or plywood sub fence for cutting rabbets.
  • TopSaver Kit
    One way of preventing rust is by using the TopSaver Kit. it contains an 8 oz. pump bottle, non-woven abrasive, disposable gloves and disposable cloths inclusive of everything needed for rust management. the way it works is that you spray it on and buff off and that will be al. You won’t have to repeat the process for a long while. It’s so useful for the modern woodworkers and is way more than a de-ruster. It can also be used to clean and seal the surface as it is waterless and it sinks easily into the open pores of metal creating a barrier that repels moisture and reduce friction in the metal.
  • Safety Power Switch
    This table saw guard is required as a “kill” switch for when things go wrong. When board sticks between blade and fence, you need a quick way to turn off the saw without shifting your attention away from your stock. This Safety Power Switch makes that happen. It works well with kickbacks as you will be able to keep your hands on the stock while the blade comes to a stop. This leads to better cuts and you also don’t have to worry about the threat of a slowing blade glancing against the board. This also defeats the need to push long stock off the table onto the floor while working.
  • Power Twist Link Belt
    After a while, things begin to rust, belts begin to stiffen and develop bumps. Your saw may even get underpowered or begin to produce ragged looking cuts. In this situation, the problem is often with the belt. Power Twist Link Belt is made of urethane elastomer and as such do not have a memory like V-belts neither does it deform when not in use for months. Also, since the links move independently of one another, the belt will remain flexible and continue to run quietly and perform smoothly without the fear of producing ragged looking cuts
  • Mobile Base
    When you’re working in a small shop, you’ll often have the need to move your saw around. (When sawing sheet goods, you’ll need 8′ of clearance on the infeed and outfeed ends. If you’re using a crosscut sled, you may also need that much space on both sides.) A mobile base will enable you to wheel your saw out when and where it’s needed, and roll it out of the way when it’s not. The base shown here is a smart choice because it includes locking wheels to ensure that your saw stays in place while you’re making your cuts, and the adjustable feet enable you to make the machine stable even if the floor isn’t perfectly flat.
  • Contractor’s Sawdust Collector
    Dragging a broom around your shop or tracking sawdust all around you can be time-consuming and difficult for you to do. With the Contractor’s Sawdust Collector, you can do all of these easily. Simply stick the Velcro strips onto the base of your saw, then attach the cloth pouch. If you roll your saw around a lot, use the pouch in basic “collection” mode for 80% efficiency. When you plan to make piles of sawdust, switch the bag to “funnel” mode and connect it to your shop vac. When used with a vacuum, the $40 shop solution offers over 90% efficiency; about the same as a full-blown two-stage dust collector costing hundreds of dollars more. For a few bucks, you can make the cleaning of your shop less difficult for yourself and more enjoyable.
  • Zero Clearance Insert
    These inserts are plugs designed to replace the metal throat plates that comes with most table saws. They are slotted by the saw blade for “zero-clearance”fit. A tighter-fitting throat plate reduces tear-out, improves dust collection, and eliminates that gap where small chunks of wood sometimes fall and then come hurtling back at you. You can make your own insert, but if you haven’t, buy one that’s ready-made and see what you’re missing.

We hope you found this article useful, I indeed needed some accessories after getting my new bosch unpacked!