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Types Of Machines For Heat Press Designs

Last Updated on June 18, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

There are several brands and models of heat press machines in existence, finding the one that suits your heat press designs may be difficult. The different models are available at different price points, and each of them has its own unique features designed to carry out specific functions.

Heat press machines don’t offer much by way of aesthetics as they all appear similar. This might pose some difficulty for someone who has never seen a heat press machine and wants to purchase one.

It is important to do your research before going out to get a heat press machine, so you don’t end up with a purchase you regret. All you need to do is learn the types of these machines available on the market.

Armed with the knowledge of the types of machines you can buy, you can then head to the market to get a suitable heat press machine.

Here, we will explain the types of these machines that you can buy along with the specifications that set some of the machines apart.
1. Swing Away Heat Press Machineheat press design
As the name suggests, this heat press machine swings and the swinging takes place between the lower and upper plating; one part swings away from the other. The upper plating is the part that heats up while the lower plating is where you lay your clothes.
As the upper part swings away, you can change the position of your clothes without the fear of getting burned.
The machine is exceptional in that you will not need to buy extra accessories to accompany it; the machine can do everything you need it to do which makes it so popular with a lot of people.

The heat press designs for printing is easier to set up on this machine
The machine is far safer to operate because you don’t have to do your work under the upper platen
It is more accurate than the clamshell machine
It works well on thick garments such as sweatshirts
The machine distributes pressure evenly on the platen

The heat transfer process takes a lot of time
It is not as small as the other heat press designs and requires more storage space
It is not suitable for beginners
The machine is quite pricey

2. Clamshell machine
The Clamshell is one of the most popular brands of heat press machines. Its unique ability is that it can perform its functions seamlessly on many surfaces.
The Clamshell is so versatile that you can use it for tasks like transfer of artwork to clothing, mugs and several other items.
The physical design of the machine is also a bit different from the mainstream heat press designs; it is shaped like a shell with a hinge connecting the lower platen and upper platen. The Clamshell is not a good fit for thicker surfaces like thick clothes as it is not able to exert enough pressure to put a defined print on the object.
The machine can be automatic or manual with the automatic being easier to operate. The Clamshell is also a small machine, smaller than Swinger heat press machine and more suited to small spaces and the machine is budget-friendly. The Swinger is easier to operate than the Clamshell in that the latter is more likely to burn your hands.

The heat transfer process is quite efficient
The heat press designs is ergonomic and suitable for small spaces
The device is small and you can move it around easily
You can make a substantial order in a short space of time
Beginners will find the machine easy to operate.

The machine does not work as well on thicker garments
The machine will burn if you don’t pay attention while working
It is not as precise as the Swinger machine

3. Sublimation T-Shirt Press
The Sublimation model is fast rising in popularity because a lot of people are on the lookout for better ways to transfer quality digital images to their garments. The uniqueness of the Sublimation press lies in its functionality, the dye used in the machine does not stain your clothing during the transfer process. Dye stain is a major flaw in most heat press machine, and the fact that the Sublimation machine does not have the defect makes the machine stand out.
The Sublimation machine has a large surface which makes it easier to do transfers on big clothing types.

This machine is also quite versatile like the other models of heat press machines.

It prints quality images on garments
It does transfer dye to your fabric
The large surface makes printing easier

4. Draw Heat Press
The Draw heat press has similar features to the Swing Away heat press with the exception that the lower platen in the machine swings toward you, this way you can place your clothing on the platen without any fear of being burned. The unique feature of the Draw Heat press is its movable surface; this feature can be a significant disadvantage as it is possible for your heat press designs to shift out of place during the transfer process.

The printing process is efficient
The large surface area allows for more working space
It distributes pressure and heat evenly on the platen
The machine is safer to work with, and there are few risks of burns
It is easy to carry around, and the machine saves space and time

The machine is on the pricey side
It does not work well on thick garments
The moving work surface makes it difficult to work on intricate heat press designs
It takes up a lot of storage space