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How to Use a Chainsaw Safely

Last Updated on June 19, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

Chainsaw safetyA chainsaw is a powerful and efficient tool. But just as good as it can be for cutting trees, it can also cut your hand if use it carelessly. Until you exercise caution, you will be endangering yourself and exposing your safety at risk. You can protect yourself if you take certain measures while using a chainsaw.

Let us take a look at what these are.

Wear protective clothing

Before you step out to cut trees or clear debris, don a protective outfit. Wear a proper helmet system that covers not only your head, but your face and ears as well. On your hands, you should wear gloves and you should even wear protective pants. For the feet, put on proper work boots.

Where are you going to find all this clothing? Any local chainsaw dealer will be able to help you with this.

Ensure that your chainsaw has a number of safety features

Chainsaws incorporate a number of features, and if your tool does not have these, it probably lacks quality. If this is the case, you should replace your device and buy one from a reputed manufacturer this time. Here are some of the features you should get.

• Chain brake: Stops the chain in case of a kickback
• Chain catcher: Prevents a broken chain from striking you
• Low kickback chain and bar: Reduce the possibility of kickback
• Hand guard: Ensures your hands remain protected from kickback
• Chain oiler: Lubricates the chain and bar so that the tool does not overheat
• Anti vibration feature: Makes it comfortable for you to use the chainsaw
• Stop switch: Can be used for shutting off the tool without releasing it
• Sparks arrester: Prevents emission of sparks

One more thing to note: the more of these your tool has, the more safely it can be used.

And they must be functioning properly

Safety features are not going to help you or protect you if they are not in working order. As you examine your chainsaw, make sure it is operating efficiently and all safety features are functional. If you find a problem with any one of them, get the chainsaw fixed before use.

Has the carburetor been adjusted?

If the carburetor of your chainsaw has not been adjusted properly, your tool will fail to deliver good performance and can even injure you in the process. You can adjust this by yourself or ask a professional technician to take care of it.

Let the engine cool before filling a gas powered chainsaw

Did your gas powered chainsaw run out of fuel? Refill it only when the engine has properly cooled. This should take around half an hour. And by the way, refrain from smoking cigarettes when operating or refueling a gas powered chainsaw.

Have several sharpened blades with you

Using a blunt chainsaw is tiring and increases the risk of an injury. You will have to exert more force and the process will take more time. Your chainsaw can easily get blunt if it strikes the ground, hits a rock or comes in contact with a nail. As such, you should have several sharpened chains and blades with you. Good with DIY techniques? You can try this on your own as well; it is part of maintaining the saw after all.

Keep an eye out for potential hazards

There are several conditions that can increase the chances of an injury. If any of these apply, you should be extra careful when using the chainsaw. For instance, cutting a dead tree is really dangerous; while doing so, if the top falls on you, it can even be fatal. Cutting a broken tree is also dangerous, especially if you have no idea what direction the pressure is being exerted to. Make some small cuts so that the pressure is released off. Now you can proceed with cutting a section. You should also watch out for young trees. At times, they can force the chainsaw in your direction, which can injure you.

Until you are extremely proficient in using a chainsaw, we suggest that you leave such job to the pros in all of the above situations.

Did you read the owner’s manual?

Your chainsaw must have come with a complete instruction guide. Before operating it, go through this manual thoroughly before you start using the chainsaw.

The next time you use a chainsaw, make sure you are following the aforementioned advice and have implemented all safety measures. Not abiding by this can have serious consequences.