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How to Use Table Saw

Last Updated on June 10, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

Sometimes we delay on buying a table saw because we really don’t know how to use one. If you’ve been lumber your whole life, you might find it easy to use one but for those who haven’t used one in the past, this article will offer a learning experience on how to use table saw.

The table saw is the perfect tool for when you need to cut down on wood, or long lengths into narrower strips. Depending on the type of wood, you have, you can either go for a 1 X 3. To get it exactly 3 inches of you’ll need to rip it down a bit and learn more about how to use the saw.

The truth of the matter is that table saws have a few parts to them besides the blade and table. We have the crank and the blade going up and down, depending on the location of your blade. Some table saws come with lots of blade control, while others don’t.

One of the tricky aspects of using a  table saw is adjusting the width.  This is tricky but not too hard. Your goal will be to remember to measure the line of the tape measure on the side of the blade towards the guide rail.

This blade will eat the cut line. You have to remember to measure correctly as if you measure the center of the blade, your cut might be off. Measuring from outside of the blade will ensure a proper cut. Each guide rail comes with a clamp on its, this is used to release the saw from the table and adjust it where need be. Then, you clamp it back to the table to secure it in and hold down the wood in position.

One this has been done accurately, you need to push your wood against the guide rail so it is flush. You need to put on some safety goggles at this stage. Start with the board away from the blade, switch on your saw and push the board slowly towards the blade. Ensure your fingers are far from the blade as you slowly push towards the blade for an even cut.

You will continue to cut till you’re 2 inches deep from the end of the board. Pick up the tool that came with the saw to push the board away. Use this as a safety measure so you’re fingers are not in danger of being cut. Be on the lookout for backlash, don’t stand behind the board directly as this could be dangerous.

You can stand to the side of it but don’t stay directly behind it. When you have a fast blade with a light board, the blade could spin the board off and fly it off the saw. This will hurt and if not well managed could be fatal. So take heed and avoid giving it instances where it could happen.

Once the wood has pushed all through, you can turn off the blade and you’re done with cutting wood with your new table saw. Please note that this is a single piece of wood and not for a large piece of plywood. How you handle different type of wood will be different from the other. You might need to use two sets of hands and an extra person to help you out as you will need to find a way to hold the large wood and still push it through so it gets cut evenly.

How to Make a Rip Cut

Making a rip cut with your table saw is by far the most popular cut you can make with a table saw. As with most people who buy a table saw, few weeks down the line, they start wondering how they ever built anything without it.

One of the most common cut you will make with this power tool is the rip cut. This is a cut of hardwoods with the grain. You need to make some practice cuts with workable stock to get a feel of how everything works and the speed at which you need to push the wood and pressure needed to keep it snug.

Do be safety conscious as rip cuts are often dangerous so you need to push sticks at all times and ensure your riving knife is installed to prevent the dreaded kickback. Kickbacks are often hurtful and can be fatal.

Get some goggles as well before doing rip cuts as well as hearing protection. The truth is table saws are one of the most dangerous power tools that you can ever use as well as the loudest tools. The speed and accuracy of a table saw is quite astounding and once you’ve mastered the art and science behind making cuts, you will find it easy to make custom made furniture in no time.