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What’s a Zero-Gravity Massage Chair?

Last Updated on June 13, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

The idea behind zero gravity massage chairs can be traced back to astronauts and NASA with the aim of dealing with large compression forces that astronauts feel when they get into space. Gravity often compresses the human body especially the spine which leads to fatigue. This led to the research carried out by the NASA on how to perfect the Neutral Body Posture which is ideal for distributing pressures on the human body as shuttles are launched into space.

This Neutral Body Posture puts the body into a state of immense relaxation, thereby benefiting the whole body and not just the spine. This led to the popular zero gravity massage chairs that we know today. This body posture is the optimal posture to relax. It’s a reclined position that involves elevating the feet above the heart. This creates a torso-to-leg angle about 128 degrees.

As science continues to study this position, they found out that there are other relaxation benefits that occurs when the body is in this position.

There is less pressure on the spine due to this position as the distribution of forces doesn’t stay on the spine but moves evenly across the body reducing the muscle tension that would have formed around the spine. Another benefit of using zero gravity massage chairs is that it leads to less pressure on the heart as it doesn’t have to work hard to pump blood through the body.

Relaxation in the Neck and Back

Having an understanding of how the human spine is important to understand a zero gravity massage chair. The human spine has an ‘S’ shape divided into the neck regions, upper back region, and the lower back region. With a zero gravity chair, there will be little to no pressure on the muscles of the spine and a natural position will be achieved with ease.

The torso and thighs will be in a state of perfect alignment with the feet above the level of the heart and head. When we sit down on our chair, without knowing, we put pressures on our lower back. But in a Zero Gravity position, the muscles at the back will become released from any sitting pressure so that oxygen can enter the muscles and relax it.

With increased relaxation on the neck and the back, the lungs are able to expand from the decrease in pressure on the diaphragm so you can breathe well as well as increase lung function which will bring about increase in the circulation of oxygenated blood. An increase in blood circulation means the heart is able to work with gravity pumping blood flowing horizontally as opposed to the flow of blood up from the legs.

Zero Gravity Novo ultra-High Performance Full Body Massage Chair

amazingmachines.info-zero-gravity-massage-chairOne of the most popular zero gravity massage chairs is from Human Touch. This massage chair is quite popular in the US market for its state of the art features and the technology and materials that went into its production. Lots of interest has generated over this product in recent years due to the reviews it gets for providing the ultimate massage therapy. It’s one of the few massage chairs that will give you a full body stretch.

With its revolutionary seat, this chair is capable of stretching the spine to the full in order to increase the flow of blood to the vertebra and strengthen the lower back. It uses warm air technology which allows heat flow to the lumbar area to loosen stiff muscles.

The Zero Gravity Novo ultra-High Performance Full Body Massage Chair hs 30 auto-wellness programs through which you can make use of a host of programs including therapeutic relaxation, full body immersion, and rocking motion programs.

There are so many benefits of using this Human Touch Coverage Zero Gravity massage chair which ranges from the reduction in back pain especially those that resulted from car accidents and other forms of trauma. Raising of the legs constantly also reduces swelling. By placing the legs in a neutral posture position, it will help those suffering from swelling and inflammation in the lower part of their body improve blood flow. Improves sleep, prevents a headache, arthritis and the most important and rarely spoken of all – speeds up the post-surgery recovery.

With a rating of 4.9 out of 5 on Amazon, there is no gainsaying why a zero-gravity massage chair leads the way in terms of quality reviews written on a massage chair.

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