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Why People Are Opting To Electric Induction Stove

Last Updated on June 10, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

For a lot of people, the era of electric induction stove is still fairly new, and there are lots of questions being asked about them. You just can’t get enough of them. For most people, they are still the best use for most homes. The question, you want to ask is why people are opting to use induction cooktops? What makes them so special to other cooktops?

  1. Controllable option

For most people, electric induction stove is the most controllable option. There is a bit of learning curve to go through, but once you get through it, you will find it easy to use. With a setting of 7, you should be able to boil water or soup without boiling it over 4-5 as it will boil faster like a stew and with 3, it can simmer the rice. The surface also doesn’t get hot, like most electric stoves – so it won’t respond quickly to your changes like you would expect, but you should be able to boil your rice quickly with the “high” setting and then turn it down to simmer and still get an immediate response. This is why it is preferred to gas cooktops; you don’t have to watch the flames and guess the setting, so it doesn’t burn.

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  1. Danger

With an induction cooktop, everyone in the home is safe. Your kids are safe, your parents are safe, and for those who might get careless in the kitchen, you can rest assured that no one will get hurt while listening to a podcast while cooking. An electric induction stove doesn’t get extremely hot, but it will heat up when a hot poot of food sits on them. For electric stoves, they get so hot that they transfer the heat through the pan to cook the food which makes it hard for you to lift the food. They also stay hot for an extended period even when they are done cooking which is why so many people are often careful not to couch them during use or lay plastic on top of them. With gas, you face the most dangerous in the home. There is an open flame, and you have to be careful not to get your hair or clothes entangled.

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  1. Easy to clean

Another reason why a lot of people are opting for an electric induction stove is that it is incredibly easy to clean. They might look like a regular glass top, but they are way easier to clean compared to glass tops. They do get a little warm due to the pot placed on them but not enough to bake anything you put on them. And since you’re less likely to burn anything that falls on it mistakenly or intentionally, you won’t have much to clean. You can wipe the surface with a damp sponge when you’re done the cooking and it will remain clean. It doesn’ t require scrubbing or taking off the burners to clean.

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  1. Kitchen range hood

For most gourmet gas ranges out there in the market, they often require a large hood to have with it, as the building code references the manufacturer’s installation manual, which by default means you have to install a gigantic kitchen range hood. For homes with oversized kitchen range hoods, it can cause all sorts of problems for them, but in a  new home, the first thing you will encounter is that they require makeup air. This is an extra cost on you as you might have to fork out an extra $2,000 and there is no ideal way to install. With this kind of budget, you can do yourself a good favor by investing in a nice electric induction stove.

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  1. Electric induction stove does not use gas

A lot of mums are often scared of having propane or gas in the home. If you decide to build a net zero home, you can always pay service charges for utility rather than paying for gas. Electric technologies are also easier to direct and can be offset by solar or power from batteries. You can still take the cost of the gas and apply it to purchase a nice induction cooktop.


  1. Superior air quality

Cooking can negatively impact the quality of the air you feel in your home. They can lead to contaminants generated by the food, and the contaminants can also be released into the air via the cooking process itself. Contaminants from the cooked food are dependents on the cooking type as different cooking equipment behave differently. Electric cooktops create spilled food that may smoke and generate contaminant into the atmosphere. For gas, you have to deal with the flame it generates during combustion (including NOx and carbon monoxide which have negative health impacts) Because electric induction stove surfaces don’t get really hot, the burn off from it isn’t much. They are also more energy efficient as they put the heat generated where it is needed. They also use less energy and adds less heat to your kitchen while cooking occurs which helps your air conditioning load.