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Why Chainsaws Use Two-Cycle Oil Mixed With Gas

Last Updated on June 19, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

Removing a stuck Chainsaw blade

Chainsaws are one of the most essential tools invented by man. It has made working around wood easier but just revving up its engine and slicing through with much ease and efficiency. Imagine cutting through tree trunks without these machines, it would take a lot of man hours just to chop a tree down.

In a world where everything is going fast, technology should be used to keep up with the demands of today’s society. In the world of carpentry, chainsaws help provide wood products faster in time period and more in quantity. Way back then, the development has been slow due to the manually operated tools we use. Thankfully, we now live in a generation where technology runs the world.

With the use of chainsaws also comes the use of fuel to power the roaring machine. You need to have enough fuel to make it go through your tasks. It’s important that you know what to use to prevent that engine of yours from destroying itself from the inside out. If you’re planning to buy your own chainsaw, you need to do some research on finding the best fuel-oil mixtures for better performance.

You should know why you should mix two-cycle oil and gas. To help you enhance your knowledge further, here are some facts. 2-cycle oil, also known as 2-stroke engine oil is used for crankcase compression two-stroke engines. This is often used as a lubricant to keep those engine parts moving.

In your conventional four-stroke engine, the crankcase acts as a separated component in the engine, this means the lubrication system acts independently. However for two-stroke engines, this is not the case. The crankcase is being used as part of the induction tract which means, the oil should be mixed with gasoline to facilitate the engine’s overall lubrication.

The resulting mixture is cocktail called petrol. This means the two-cycle oil is burned along with fuel that is also known as a total-loss oiling system. That is why when you see chainsaws at work, it emits a lot of exhaust emissions. Plus they emit blue smoke with an odor different to that of gasoline alone.

Chainsaws use two-stroke engines to power those sharp blades. This means that using two-cycle oil and gasoline altogether is a must to prevent your engine parts from getting rusty. Just like mentioned earlier, the petrol mix evenly distributes the engine oil around the system.

Another reason why chainsaws use two-cycle oil rather than lubricating oil is because that the former has a lower ash content compared to the latter. Using such oil is essential to reduce ash content that causes unwanted deposits to accumulate around the engine. You wouldn’t want that on your machine.

Let this information regarding your chainsaw will not just help you in maintaining the chainsaw’s performance, but also its longevity. Always keep in mind that you also need to choose the right two-stroke oil and the right ratio to keep your engine parts from wearing out.

It’s time to chop wood like clockwork.