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Leaf Mulchers Types

Last Updated on June 10, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

When it comes to purchasing the best leaf mulchers on the market, you need to correctly answer some set of questions so you don’t end up with a garden tool that you don’t need. The starting point is the size of your garden. How large is the garden that it would work on? Will you be interested in a model that is quick for tidying up a small patio or do you want a powerful machine that can move through a lot of leaves over large areas?


Do you need a leaf mulcher that can be converted at the flick of a switch? If yes, you need something that is easy to use and can be handy. Some leaf blowers need time to reconfigure them which can be a time-consuming job for most people. Where you need to use your leaf blower is an important consideration to look into. Do you need it to suck up leaves on a gravel drive or will you be clearing leaves from the flower border? The amount of space you have to store your leaf blower is another consideration to be considered.

At the end of the day, you want to buy the best leaf mulcher that serves your needs and fulfils your heart desires. With leaf mulchers, their power source is often important. We have the Cordless battery-powered leaf blowers. These type of leaf blowers are easy to use and can be used on small sized patios. These type of setup involves blowing leaves from around the pots and borders as they won’t destroy the plants with a blast of air. There are larger ones as well but they are more expensive. Cordless battery-powered leaf mulchers are quite easy to use and easy to store. If you have a complicated garden with nooks and crannies to clear the dust and leaves from. They are expensive and the smaller models are not as powerful as one might expect especially for heavy and damp leaves.


  1. Corded electric leaf mulchers

With Corded electric leaf mulchers, you can change between the parallel blow and vac tubes easily with a flick of a switch. This is a convenient setup as you can clear blockages by changing from the vacuum mode to blow mode. The only problem we noticed from this model is that they lose power when you switch from one mode to another. They are also difficult to use in blow model as they become bulky and heavy due to the functionality of the dual tubes.


  1. Petrol Leaf Mulchers

The Petrol Leaf Mulchers are suitable for very large gardens with cleaning needs of more than twice or once a year. Maintaining the engine is a hassle. It has handheld models that are cheaper than these backpack models. The major pro of having your back-pack leaf blower is that they put less strain on your arms and are easier to handle. They can be used for clearing large areas and other damp leaves, as they don’t have a power cable that restricts their movements like the others.


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