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Echo Chainsaw CS-310 with 14″ Bar Review

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Echo Chainsaw CS-310 with 14" Bar Review
The Echo Chainsaw CS-310 with 14 Bar is a top chainsaw with excellent handling made for cutting through large tree trunks and branches that can reach up to 10 inches in diameter. What makes the Echo Chainsaw CS-310 so unique is its flexibility and top grade handling which is quite uncommon for powerful chainsaws like the Echo Chainsaw. This allows easy and comfortable cutting even when making cuts at difficult and slanted angles. A powerful 32.6 cc engine is rigged onto the Echo Chainsaw, allowing it to exhibit power towards the sharp bar and chain that measure at 14 in.


The Echo Chainsaw CS-310 has a number of features that will help you in cutting down trees, branches and wood much easier. With its 14-inch bar length, you might think that it weighs quite a bit. But at 8 lbs., it’s quite lightweight compared to other powerful chainsaws.

Here are the additional features for the Echo Chainsaw Review:

  • 32.6 cc engine that produces reliable power output
  • I-30 Technology which lessens cutting effort by 30%
  • Automatic oil system that allows optimum lubrication
  • G-Force Engine Air PreCleaner which prolongs engine longevity and extends maintenance intervals
  • Top-mounted filter which shields you from dirt, muck and wood shavings
  • Dual-post chain brake handle which promotes durability
  • Side access chain tensioner
  • Inertia-type chain brake
  • Automatic and adjustable oiler
  • Lanyard ring


The Echo Chainsaw CS-310 is one of the best chainsaws in the market. A lot of users have given it generally positive reviews, all accounting for its size, power and cost as one of the best, if not the best, chainsaws in the market. With its several features that promote power, speed, convenience and efficiency, the Echo Chainsaw CS-310 is a great choice.

Here are just some of its perks:

  • Exhibits great power that’s surprising for its size
  • Lightweight at only 8 lbs.
  • Better handling that allows you to cut at difficult angles
  • Good top-mounted filter that keeps away debris as you work
  • Easy to start
  • Lesser effort in cutting compared to other chainsaws
  • Longer lifespan of the blade
  • Automatic oil system ensures adequate lubrication
  • Excellent amount of stability
  • Better control because of lesser vibrations


However, the Echo Chainsaw CS-310 is no perfect chainsaw. It still exhibits its flaws, though these problems are easily overshadowed by all of the good things about the Echo Chainsaw CS-310.

Here are just some of the flaws that it possesses:

  • Requires experience at handling the chainsaw
  • May produce powerful kickback for its size
  • Like all gas-powered chainsaws, requires gas to run
  • Must drain remaining gas and be allowed to cool down after use before storing

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Overall, the Echo Chainsaw CS-310 is a great choice to make when it comes to purchasing a chainsaw. It’s a trustworthy product that exercises great power for its size, has a lightweight design and maximizes everything else that counts with its features.