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Food Processor Vs A Good Stand Mixer

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A good stand mixer is a very important tool to have. Cooking is often tedious for most people, and when you consider the alternative of eating out, you realize it would be expensive.

You might even be tired of the excess ingredients on your food and the limited choices in the menu when you eat out; this is where food processors and a good stand mixer come in as they give you choices.

A food processor is encompassing kitchen equipment that handles blending, grating to chopping. Due to the large features that come with most food processors, the meal size that is to be made could determine the type of food processor to be purchased.food processor

The powerful processors tend to perform quicker than those that are not as powerful. For fruits and veggies, you might need a processor with an extra wide feed tube that can contain a huge chunk, so you don’t waste time cutting ingredients.

Food processors chops and slices food with an interchangeable blade at the fastest possible speed required for the meal. The speed works through an electric motor attached to its base which shifts the vertical shaft and plastic bowl fitted around the shaft.

A Good Stand Mixer is Versatile

A good stand mixer is essential for mixing foods and taking them to a new level. It differs from a hand mixer for a lot of reasons.A good stand mixer

A good stand mixer gives you an extra pair of big beefy arms in your kitchen for evenly combining ingredients in a way than any human could ever do. It slashes the prep time and is way faster than using the traditional hand mixers.

Hand mixers tend to come with limited attachments while a good stand mixer takes the mixing to a new level. You can blend, mix or whip without getting tired. They also tend to have more power than the hand models.

Different ways to use a Food Processor.

1. Homemade nut butter

For a lot of mothers, making homemade peanut butter is one way of using a food processor as it provides a texture like none other.

2. Grinding Meat

With a food processor, you will be able to grind meat for meatballs and burgers with ease, and if you’re the type that likes lemon herb salmon burgers, you can use the processor to prepare some pink salmon.

grinding meat

3. Homemade pesto and curry paste

Pestos are healthy, and they can be combined with a wide variety of meal. This is another use for food processors. Homemade curry paste can also be created with a food processor making you feel like an awesome cook. When making the curry paste, ensure you spray the white section of your blade with a nonstick spray to prevent stains from the paste.

4. Awesome veggies 

There is nothing as fun as chipping up your veggies for a quick salad, especially for your carrots and onions. With a food processor, you will find it easy to cut onions and celery for your soup base and also for cutting up veggies.

Benefits of using a Food Processor.

A food processor might look like a small tool, but it can prepare a lot of meals from veggies, pie crusts to fresh garden salad.

The average food processor comes with the following parts that includes blender jars, citrus press, dry-grinding jar, locking collar ring and so much more.

Buying a food processor for your kitchen can save you a whole lot of time and energy while cooking. Due to ease of use, there is a little to no learning curve required, it is easy to handle, and you can easily set it up by following the instructional material.

Most food processors are small, but there are still exceptions that will occupy more space above the top of your kitchen. Here are some of the benefits of using a food processor:

a. Experiment on many recipes

For cooks, you can experiment with a lot of recipes with a food processor which will allow making unique dishes that will captivate your family. With a food processor, you can present the same dish with a different taste and aroma with ease.

Cook experiment

b. Cook for more

With a food processor, you don’t have to worry about cooking for a large number of people who visit for a sleepover or a slumber party. What you have to worry about is the size of your food processor that allows you to cook the food you want.

c. Organic and weight loss

With a food processor, you can eat only organic foods and do away with industrially processed foods with are harmful to your health. Food processors also come in handy when you’re working on a weight loss program.