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How Technology Can Help The Elders

Last Updated on June 10, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

You may have heard several times that the infotech age with its accompanying benefits is for the young and trendy.

However, it may surprise you to know that many aged or older adults are gradually going digital, embracing new technology innovations scattered around.

A 2012 Pew Research survey discovered that half of the seniors use the internet and are also owners of cellphones – this number has continued to increase as the day goes by.

This seems to bring more hope that you will be able to use modern tech gadgets to talk with your grandpa or other seniors, closing up on the divide.

And if you are wondering the kind of device that your senior can use, then here is a comprehensive summary. They are simple and do not require much work.

1.) Tablets and iPads

One good thing about these is that their fonts are crafted for easy reading since they are bigger. So, seniors might not find it hard to use. They can also view pictures, listen to songs and read as well as help them in connecting to apps where they can monitor their fitness levels.

Tablets and iPads are not heavy and will thus not be a burden for seniors to carry around.

2.) Hearing Aids

Once hearing aid is mentioned, you might visualize a bulky device clasped to the ears. However, advancements in technology have made hearing aids smaller than they were before.  They now have a wireless transmission like Bluetooth.

In fact, most hearing aids are petite that you might not see them while others are even implanted into the ear.

3.) Video and Computer Games

One thing that seniors can enjoy is the increasing number of games that they have access due to the advancement of technology.

Video games are known for their ability to improve cognition as well as mental agility. It can also aid their social interactions and physical health.

So, it is never a boring moment for seniors using modern technological implements –World of Warcraft, Angry Birds among a host of others –can give them the needed fun experience.

4.) Skype

With seniors’ increasing need for social interaction, Skype is one of the go-to technological tools that they cannot do bad to use.

Using Skype guarantees that your seniors can speak to you from long distance, in real time –seeing their faces –with a click of a button.

Skype is easy to use, and with smartphones, tablets, and computers –desktop or laptop –with a good internet connection, it is good to go.

5.) Health Tracking Software

Seniors are more prone to health challenges than younger people. Many mobile devices and computers come with a repertoire of software and apps.  A host of these apps and software can help them in monitoring their health, and keep track of their nutritional needs.

This will no doubt improve their wellbeing as well as become handy for those in the business of caregiving.

6.) Wireless Internet

Internet connection is the most fundamental thing when you talk about technological tools. This is because all of them need to be connected to it to function.

For your seniors to enjoy the full benefit of their technological tools, you must get them a stable and swift internet connection.

This ensures that your communication with them is not punctuated or rather dictated by a weak internet connection.

You can check your area to know the best internet providers and pick the one that suits your budget and taste –do keep quality in mind though.

7.) Smartphones

Mobile phones have become one of the most important technological tools that a senior should have.

If you are thinking of getting a technological device for your seniors, then think about them.

Initially, they came out with small buttons and petite frames, but the newer versions are made with bigger buttons and readouts, photo speed dialing and even voice recognition.

They also come with GPS and with their numerous apps, can aid their personal development like keeping track of their medications, getting reminders for events among others.

8.) Wireless Home Monitoring

Wireless home monitoring devices are essential technological tools for maximum security. It is ideal for seniors who live alone as they can turn out life-savers in the time of troubles.

Wireless monitoring devices are known to be able to detect some emergency situations like falls, unusual behaviors, fire outbreak, faulty electrical appliances –to name a few.

The beauty of it all is that this can be done without intruding their privacy.

9.) GPS

This technological development will help you in tracking the locations of your seniors, especially those with dementia and the occasional wanderers.

You can be rest-assured of that their caregivers know their whereabouts with a GPS tracker once they leave their comfort zones.

You can pick from many GPS trackers around –depending on your choice. Some of the GPS trackers can be attached to the wrist or clothes with other being apps on their smartphones.

10.) Home Assistive Devices

There are many assistive technology devices you can get for your seniors at home. It helps in making them independent as well as safe.

Some of these assistive technology devices include medication dispensing appliances, photo-enhanced phone dialers, and stove shut-off systems, photo-enhanced phone dialers, LED lighting.

They can aid seniors with motor impairment and also mild cognitive


Although modern technological devices are largely seen as belonging to the young and trendy generation, recent developments are suggesting that they could be useful to seniors –the aged.

If you have thought of ways in which you can help your seniors get the best from modern technology, reading through this post would have provided you some insights on the right ones you can get for them.

As you do that, bear in mind that your seniors might not be as techie as you are and thus, taking them along in the buying decision, will in no little way ensure that they get the best out of these latest technological tools –after all, the tech generation met them!

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