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Why You Should Buy the Jonsered CS2245S 18″ Chainsaw 45.7cc 2.8hp

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Chainsaws are one of the essentials that any homeowner should invest on. Whether for full-time or part-time forestry use, a reliable chainsaw would always come handy and helpful whenever you need it. Even when you only do yard maintenance on an occasional basis, it is still wiser to procure tools and gadgets that you can use for personal or professional purposes.

As with any other purchases, there are brands that are well-known while there are also some that you need to avoid for a variety of reasons. It helps to learn more about the different brands, types and models of chainsaws that are available today so you can have an idea as to which one would be ideal to buy.

The Jonsered Brand

A Swiss-run company that started as early as 1834, the term Jonsered also means guaranteed quality, productivity and efficiency. Because Sweden is a country that is surrounded mostly by forests and would often experience harsh weather conditions, Jonsered aims to make the people’s lives easier by manufacturing a range of machineries and tools such as leaf blowers, garden tractors, wood-processing equipment and of course, chainsaws.

Currently, Jonsered has three major categories of chainsaws – occasional use/firewood, part-time forestry use and the full-time forestry use. These categories or descriptions allow consumers to choose a particular chainsaw depending on how they plan to use the equipment. Smaller saws are reliable enough for part-time and occasional use while full-time forestry chainsaws are made especially for professional workers who use chainsaws as part of their everyday routine.

The Jonsered CS2245S 18″ Chainsaw 45.7cc 2.8hp

If you are looking for an efficient chainsaw that you can use for almost any kind of purpose, look no further because this is exactly what the Jonsered CS2245S 18″ Chainsaw 45.7cc 2.8hp has to offer. It features the Clean PowerTM engine design that helps in reducing harmful exhaust emission by up to 75%. This engine design also allows increase of fuel efficiency by up to 20%. This means that this chainsaw is not only environment-friendly, it is also wise for the budget.

Another advantage of the Jonsered brand is its unique turbo intake air cleaning system that can remove most of the sawdust (up to 97%) from the air before it reaches the air filter. The CS2245S model also comes with other exclusive Jonsered features such as the:

Spin Start – With this feature the starter cord’s resistance is reduced by up to 40%.

Anti Vib – The anti-vibration dampeners of the Jonsered CS2245S 18″ Chainsaw 45.7cc 2.8hp are effective in absorbing vibration, thus the reduced impact that it has on its user. Lesser impact means a more comfortable operation while using the chainsaw.

One-push stop switch – Makes the saw easier to start and to stop.

Snap-locked covers – This Jonsered model also features a quick-release cylinder cover that allows you to access the air filter and spark plus easily and quickly, so you no longer have to undo a single screw to do so.

Things to consider when buying a chainsaw

Before heading out to buy a chainsaw for whatever purpose that you may have, it is best to be prepared and keep a checklist with you so will not be caught between several choices and be confused along the way. One factor to consider is of course the brand. Jonsered, as you may have already known by now, is a very trusted and well-known company when it comes to chainsaw manufacturers. At the end of the day, it is still wiser and more efficient to choose a brand that you can trust and rely on especially if the saw will be used for professional reasons.

Then the next thing to consider would be your budget. You need to decide how much you will be willing to spend for the purchase. There are different chainsaw models and brands that can offer a variety of prices and you will surely never run out of options. Just remember to pick one that is not only within your budget range, but also efficient, economical and reliable in the long run.

Why buy the Jonsered CS2245S 18″ Chainsaw 45.7cc 2.8hp

With the power and features that this chainsaw model has to offer, you will surely agree that it is indeed a wise investment. This all-around chainsaw is built for land owners, home use and even professional users, so you don’t even have to worry about buying a tool that you can’t use for a variety of purposes. This saw is very efficient for tasks such as crosscutting, limbing and quick tree-felling. Without a doubt, this chainsaw is all you need if you are looking for a tool that you can easily use, operate, handle and even maintain. The fuel level is also visible so you can easily determine when it’s time to fuel up your chainsaw. Now that is something that you cannot just get from any other chainsaw models.

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