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Three Most Popular Chainsaw Outdoor Games

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The STIHL Timbersports Series was established in 1985, which brings together the world’s best lumberjack athletes to be a competitor in this Original Extreme Sport. The competition is witnessed by more than 20 million audiences in more than 62 countries all over the world, annually. The show can be seen on networks like Eurosport, ABC, ESPN and The Outdoor Channel and has been running for quite a long time now.

Hot Saw

Hot Saw is one of the games in the Stihl Timbersports series that uses a chainsaw. In this game, the competitor will have to use a customized chainsaw. The chainsaw has a modified engine that is usually obtained from a snowmobile or watercraft.  

Most Popular Chainsaw Outdoor Games

What Happens During the Competition?

The hot saws roar like a motorcade of Harleys in a tunnel made in concrete throwing twenty feet roostertail sawdust. The operators should wear chaps, eye and ear protection and pexiglass shields to protect the crowd from throw chains and exploding parts.

The hot saw competition is a fusion of flammable rock and roll show and a drag race, making it the loudest, most stunning adrenaline rush in the series. Thus, the hot saw has earned its spot as the final event. Hot saws are very difficult to lift and operate through a block of wood, because it can weigh up to 100 pounds as soon as it kicks.

Behind the chainsaw operator’s success is a helper who aids in preparing the saw during a one minute warm-up period. And most lumberjacks go with mechanic for maintenance and construction of their saws. The pounding horsepower when cutting down and up a 20-inch diameter white pine log in 5.5 seconds is among the sweetest feelings in the series.  The record holder Dave Bolstad of New Zealand set the time of 5.55 seconds in 2007.

The How Saw competition is also part of some big sports events like Lumberjack World Championships that are held every year in Hayward, Wisconsin.

Building hot saws is quite expensive, depending on the builder. It can range from $5000 to $10,000. Beyond costs, an outdoor enthusiast must have the best equipment handy. Check out review for the best chainsaws this 2016!

WOODSMAN: Chainsaw

Woodsman is a competitive sport based on different skills traditionally an element of forestry educational and technical exercise programs. Woodsman or lumberjack games started in competitions among loggers that took place in logging camps. The ability to do a specific task faster with a degree of showmanship is being emphasized in this sport.


This competition is scored for time. Competitors should wear appropriate safety gears to make a series of cuts in a log. Only one chainsaw is typically used by competitors throughout the competition for the interest of fairness and to alleviate any variables between chainsaws.

The event has three versions; Down Up, Down Up Down and Up Down. The Down Up version needs a downward cut (using the bottom of the bar, on a pulling chain) and then an upward cut (using the top of the bar, on a pushing chain). The Down Up Down version needs one more downward cut in addition to the Down Up version. The Up Down version involves a cut halfway up and then the competitor needs to remove the saw from the log and then cut the log completely with a downward cut from the top. This version is scored with time and accuracy or how closely the cuts from bottom and top met.


Combined with the modern technology of chainsaws and ancient art woodcarving, the chainsaw carving has become one of the most popular chainsaw competitions today. The largest 9-meter wooden statue of Virgin Mary was carved by chainsaw artist Matthew Crabb.


Watching the chainsaw carvers is so amazing. They use wood to create beautiful carvings of up to 6 meters high. Each masterpiece becomes an in demand work of art.

After the competition, competitor’s carvings will be up for an auction. Seeing beautiful wood carved masterpiece is amazing – using a chainsaw is extra amazing! Without a doubt, Chainsaw Carving Competitions attract a lot of visitors each time.

Some known events are the English Open Chainsaw Carving Competition, Reedsport Chainsaw Festival, U.S. Open Chainsaw Sculpture Championship, Chetwynd International Chainsaw Carving Championship, Carve Carrbridge, and more!

Carving Chainsaws

Carving wood can be demanding and if you want to carry out the best, you may need to get specialized chainsaws for carving. Based from the article from Wired Magazine, they have tested five chainsaws from different manufacturers to test which one is the best. The five chainsaws include STIHL MS 231 C-BE, Husqvarna 536Li, Black & Decker GK2235, Bosch AKE 30 LI and Ryobi RCS4240B.

STIHL have also created the MS series of chainsaws for carving. These chainsaws are typically small and lightweight at 2.8 – 3.9 kg, and saw chain pitch of 1/4”P.

In using chainsaws for any activity, it is imperative to ensure safety of the user and the people around. Knowing safety precautions is very helpful in preventing unwanted circumstances to occur.

(photo credits to: STIHL Timbersports Official Facebook Page and www.johnhallsalaska.com)