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Removing a Stuck Chainsaw Blade

Last Updated on June 19, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

Removing a stuck Chainsaw bladeChainsaws are powerful and very valuable pieces of equipment. One of the most common farm equipment, they can be found on most farms as well as in homes where wood is typically cut for fireplaces or heating systems. They are the perfect tool for cutting up fallen trees and large branches. However, where does one start? Figuring out where to begin and how to follow through the job safely is a challenge most people would not undertake.

One of the problems that wood cutters experience is that the chainsaw gets stuck in the tree. This occurs when the blade of the saw is not sharp enough to cut through the thick body of the tree. It can also be caused when the tree does to not fall in the planned direction of the undercut. What happens if your chainsaw gets stuck in a tree? What are your options?

First, we need to take a step back and size up the situation. Do you need someone to help you? How thick is the tree? What do you need to remove the blade? Planning what to do next is time-saving and practical; plus you wouldn’t need to keep calling your co-workers for help if needed.

Next, put on safety gear, this includes a hard hat, ear plugs, safety goggles, thick work pants and boots, and leather work gloves. Always remember this, do not even consider using a chainsaw on a fallen tree unless you are well-protected from the potential dangers you might face.

Jonsered Chainsaws

When the chainsaw gets stuck, turn it off immediately. Do not turn it back on unless you already have removed the blade from the tree.

The most important and simplest way of removing the chainsaw is applying reverse pressure on the blade. Reversing pressure means pushing against the tree when cutting. You many need help from a friend on this one.

Also, another effective way of removing a stuck saw is by cutting through the tree on the opposite side of the blade, on the side opposite of the first cut. Also, always have wedges handy before falling the tree. They can serve as a guide for the tree in falling to the right direction when initial cutting begins. You can try using a wedge to remove the chainsaw. Do not apply brute force when pulling the blade as it can be dangerous.

Another of the technique is using the rope-leverage system, although rarely used because it can be quite complicated. You would need a rope, a ladder and someone to help you in the process. First, climb up the ladder leaning against the tree and bring the rope with you. Tie the rope on a secure and strong branch which can support a lot of weight. Select your branch wisely. Climb down the ladder and pull on the rope. This system makes use of the tree’s own weight fighting against it, by adding more leverage and power than usual.

If ever your chainsaw gets stuck on a tree, be sure to use one of these tips. You can also watch more videos here for proper woodcutting techniques to avoid this problem.