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The Importance of A Mobility Scooter for Elderly

Last Updated on June 13, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

amazingmachines.info-mobility-scooterMobility Scooters are not new, in fact, they’ve been around for quite some time.

The fact that it can be found almost anywhere, not just in the United States, but also around the world, it’s no longer considered a luxury equipment like before.

In fact, it’s even featured in TV shows and even movies, one example is that of Professor X from the X-Men comic books. (although, it’s a more futuristic)

Like the wheelchair, mobility scooters assist those with limited mobility and especially the elderly in moving around both in their homes and in public places, however, unlike the wheelchair, the mobility scooter allows much more freedom to its user without the need to exert much effort.

Although it’s very easy to use,  some people may encounter difficulty in getting used to their mobility scooters.

Conventional walking aids, such as crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs, are much favored, however, it can also be a hindrance since it doesn’t allow much movement, and with senior care a top priority for everyone, we definitely wouldn’t want to endanger or harm our loved ones.

In this article, we will be talking about the benefits of a mobility scooter and why having one is a great investment.

It’s Portable and Convenient – you’ll never have to worry about your loved ones tripping over their crutches or wheelchair when you have the mobility scooter for them. Not only that, a mobility scooter has a lot of features to offer including easy steering, adjustable armrests, foldable backrests, wider seats, and easy disassembly for easy transport and storage.

It’s Easy to Use –  despite the mobility scooter looking a bit complicated, it’s not. Mobility scooters are easy to operate and use! Most mobility scooters are powered by rechargeable batteries that will allow you a wide range of movement in your home and even the world outside, simply charge it until it’s full and you can use it for a complete day, not only that, since most mobility scooters are lightweight, you won’t have a hard time using them even by yourself. However, remember not to overcharge your mobility scooter overnight as it can get damaged and you might end up stuck in the middle of an amusement park with your grandchildren.

It’s Allowed Everywhere – like other walking aids, mobility scooters are allowed in almost every place, you name it – malls, libraries, courts, parks, libraries, and many other places! Having a mobility scooter even allows you to continue living your life, hanging out with your friends, doing your hobbies, eating out, and much more despite your disability. You can even travel to another state, city, and even country (yes, you read that right, you can definitely bring your mobility scooter with you abroad!)

Socialise Again.– we know how sad our beloved seniors feel with their limited movement which can dampen their spirits because their movement can hinder them from doing the things they love such as going outside, gardening, and many others, thus leaving them low in enthusiasm and even in the depths of depression. By having a mobility scooter, you can do the things you love and hang out with your friends again. You’ll be able to enjoy everything with the help of your mobility scooter.

Mobility Scooters are Fun. – unlike walkers and wheelchairs, mobility scooters allow its users to move around more without endangering themselves or others in their surroundings. It offers you a pleasurable and secure way to move around in your home or even public spaces with ease. Even the smaller versions of mobility scooters offer the same freedom just like regular mobility scooters. You can also choose from various styles and even colors, you can even choose color panels to upgrade your mobility scooter as many times as you want.

Mobility Scooters are Comfortable – not only will you be able to move around freely in your home and other places, but you’ll be able to do it with ease. Mobility scooters come in a wide range of styles that can accommodate any user, it can also be configured to suit a person’s legs as we all have our own way of sitting, mobility scooters can be customized to accommodate the user well thus making life easier for them.

Easy Storage – you’ll no longer have to worry about tripping over or distracting your caretaker, friends, and family members. Most mobility scooters can simply be tucked inside your closet or parked in any corner of your room, and simply pick up and use it again the next day; it’s so easy to use and store that you can bring it with you in the malls, parks, and even airports.

You or your grandparents will no longer feel isolated and lonely, in fact, mobility scooters allow those with limited mobility enjoy their lives to the fullest by no longer feeling left out, they’ll get to enjoy all the things they love and even go places with the help of their mobility scooter! Mobility scooters also help you and your loved ones enjoy and live their lives to the fullest and enjoy it with you.

However, there are indeed some downsides when it comes to the mobility scooter, one of which is the need to maintain it periodically, of course, it can only be done through verified centers or service people, which can lead you or your elderly to make use of walking aids such as walkers or wheelchairs. Some people may even take some time to get accustomed in using their mobility scooters especially for the first time but with enough practice, you’ll be able to get the hang of it.

Another reported downside of mobility scooters is some users find it hard to maneuver and park in certain places especially in places with limited or no disabled access at all; this is especially true in certain places abroad.

(If you’d like to travel, whether locally or abroad, it’s best that you do your research about the places you want to visit and if they can accommodate you and your mobility scooter.)

Some mobility scooters can also be somewhat pricey, however, you can get a discount especially during sales or certain seasons, in fact, some insurance companies even offer to help you acquire a mobility scooter or cover its maintenance costs; be sure to ask with your insurance agent before buying a mobility scooter.

Some places, especially in other parts of the world,  also have restrictions regarding mobility scooters,

Features of The Mobility Scooter

The mobility scooter is definitely a step above the wheelchair.

People with limited mobility and the elderly can definitely benefit much from the mobility scooter as it allows them to move and roam around much more freely even if they may not have the full capability to do so, such as being paralyzed from the waist down or on their upper body.

Users will simply sit down on their mobility scooter and push a few buttons or a joystick to move around, unlike the wheelchair, the mobility scooter doesn’t rely on the user to move around but rather on alternative sources such as electricity and rechargeable batteries, some mobility scooters even use gas.

Also unlike the wheelchair, users can customize their mobility scooters by choosing from different styles from the manufacturers; some may even offer to customize your mobility scooter by changing the colors and even the seat.

As mentioned above, mobility scooters do not require to run on gas, although there are some that do require gas but are proven to be insufficient and even costly (of course, we can’t interfere with our customer’s choices).

Nowadays, most mobility scooters are rechargeableamazingmachines.info-rechargeable-mobility-scooter.

All you have to do is charge your mobility scooter until it’s full and you’ll be ready to use it for a whole day!  And you don’t even have to worry about it running out of power because of many establishments, such as malls, offer charging stations.

Yes, mobility scooters are always seen indoors, they can also be used for outdoors however you may need to modify the wheels a little bit so you can use your mobility scooter on certain surfaces such as tiles, rock, and even grass!

(Until we get something similar to Professor X’s mobility scooter in the comics, it’s better to stay safe when using your mobility scooter in the outdoors.

Mobility scooters can be purchased from most physical and online stores where you can choose from a wide range of styles and colors.

Some manufacturers even offer custom-made scooters to be made for their customers,  adjustments to the seat, wheels, and even style.

If you want to have your own mobility scooter, you will be asked to provide details to the makers such as the color or style you want, you will also be asked to provide measurements to determine the size of your seat or the kind of wheels to be used.

How to Use a Mobility Scooter

Using a mobility scooter is very simple.

You, or with the help of an aide or a family member, will help you sit down in your mobility scooter, you will then be fastened with a seat belt so that you won’t fall off when you use your mobility scooter so that you can move around without the fear of falling off.

Once you’re all settled down, position yourself in a comfortable position (take note that people have different sitting positions in which they are comfortable with, so be patient with yourself, your grandparents, or patient until they find their comfortable position.)

To activate the scooter, simply turn on the ignition, or press the “ON” button (take note that not all mobility scooters are the same, so do your research on what kind of mobility scooters you want to purchase.)

Tips for Using Your Mobility Scooter

Using a mobility scooter is easy although some of us may have a hard time getting used to it, spend some time with yourself or your grandparents or patient, don’t get mad at them as they’ll eventually get used to using their mobility scooters in time.

Remember to always keep your feet or your patient’s feet inside and their hands always on the handlebars, also keep in mind that you need to your mobility scooter is fully charged and that the tires are not flat.

Overcharging and undercharging can affect the battery of your mobility scooter and cause damage to it.  Using a mobility scooter is similar to driving a car, the user needs to focus all their attention in the road, if the user is having trouble doing this, you need to step in to guide them.

Treat others with respect when on the road, give way to those who are walking or also using mobility scooters and other walking aids.

Yes, you too can take your mobility scooter with you in any place, however, take note that it won’t fit in most cars unless you use a van for transporting you and your mobility scooter, although some manufacturers have created transportable mobility scooters that need to be taken apart and stored in your car.

Countries like the United States and Canada offer transport services people who have mobility scooters, although they’re not available worldwide, some services in your country may offer you to be taken around.

A mobility scooter is an investment and can last for a long time, however, it’s best to keep maintenance of it, this means you need to clean and maintain it regularly, have it repaired immediately if there are any damages to it.

That’s all we have for this article, we hope you were able to learn a lot and encourage you to get a mobility scooter for yourself or a family member that could really use it.

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