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How To Use Top Rated Golf Carts

Last Updated on June 19, 2020 by MakeThingsReal

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If you are an ardent golfer, certain things are necessary for your trip to the golf course; one of them being your top rated golf carts. Carrying your bag full of clubs is not exactly a pleasant notion especially if you are going to the golf course to unwind. A pushcart is much more convenient for moving your golfing equipment around the golf course.
It may sound ridiculous not to know how to use a golf push cart, after all, all there is to do is place your equipment in it and push it around.

However, some rules and etiquette guide the use of a pushcart around the golf course. It is necessary and a good idea to have this knowledge in your pocket, so you know how to act and move your cart around without inconveniencing other people.

Take care of the turf
The turfgrass is carefully tended, and your pushcart can destroy it if you are not careful, sharp twists and turns and sudden stops contribute to the destruction of the grass, and other users will not appreciate that. Dragging the pushcart or running with it on the course may ruin the cart, pushing it on wet grass may also damage the cart. For the sake of the grass and your pushcart, you should avoid doing these things.

follow game rules

Follow the rules
Every course has its own rules, for some golf courses, there are cart paths for carts. Following the rules set out on your golf course is important. If you are on a golf course for the first time, you should ask for the instructions particular to that course, so you avoid any embarrassing situation.

Keep your cart safe
For some golf courses, there are regulations in place for top-rated golf carts mostly for the safety of the carts. The rules may include tips to keep the cart clean and safe during use and to keep other people safe.

keep your golf cart

Keep your cart away from the bunker
It is not right to put your cart between the greens and the bunker; you should also observe notices put up for the safety of the top rated golf carts and other users and always follow the paths designated for push carts.

Don’t block the way
Don’t use your push cart to obstruct the path especially when there are other players on the course. Keep your push cart with you at all times when you are on the trail. Leaving your cart without supervision can disrupt the game of another player as it can cast shadows on the putting line and affect how the player sees the contour on the greens.

Keep your pushcart at the back of the greens
It’s always best to leave your pushcart at the end of the greens. You can also park the cart at the shortest exit close to you, so you have quick access to it when you finish putting. Leaving the cart on the path will disturb other players passing through and their top rated golf carts.

Keep away from the greens
Try to keep away from the greens and the tee boxes, a few feet away should be adequate. Some golf courses put out signs warning players to keep their top-rated golf carts away, but if there are no such signs on your golf course, it is best to ask to be on the safe side. You should also try to keep away from water hazards, grassy mounds and bunkers as these may damage your golf cart.

Keep away from greens

If you have a golf bag as well as a golf push cart, you can place your bag in the pushcart with a few simple steps;
Unfold the pushcart carefully
keep the long side of the cart away when you unfold the cart
Put your foot on the front wheel of the cart, move the handle and push out the back wheels, allow it to click. Lock the lever in the middle of the cart, pull up the button on the front wheel and lock its gear.
After the cart unfolds, place your empty bag in the cart and strap the cart in place so that it is secure.
When you have finished, put your equipment and accessories in the bag and the storage while it is secure on the golf push cart.