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Treat Yourself And Relax The Feet

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Relax The Feet And Let Go Of Tension

relax the feet

Foot spa encompasses everything done to scrub, detoxify, clean, and relax the feet. Those are the major things it entails but if you end up going to a salon for a foot spa, you could end up applying nail polish to it as well.

A foot spa, generally holds a large bucket of warm water that shoots little pieces of hot water to your feet so they relax the feet as it does the magic on them. In nail salons, there are foot spa detox machines as well that works to remove foot toxins and increase blood circulation to the feet.

Pedicure Treatment

Most salons and spas offer a classic pedicure to relax the feet inclusive of a foot spa. Most professionals will ask you to place your feet inside the spa where your feet will experience a foot soak and a bit of foot scrubbing. Once this part of the foot spa is done, the pedicurist will go straight into the toenails as they will be clipped and shaped accordingly. Then, the cuticles will be pushed back to remove them in a gentle way as they do hurt if not done appropriately.

The pedicurist will also check to see if you want your nails polished after the therapeutic portion of the pedicure is completed. Pedicure is a must for those who want a proper toenail maintenance for their callus and cuticle removal.

Foot Spa V Foot Massager

Most people often can’t tell the difference between a foot spa and a massager. They function completely different to one another.
A foot spa entails soaking up your feet into a basin of warm water and other therapeutic ingredients such as salts and essential oils. Adding these ingredientes is not a must but it helps.
Foot massager, on the other hand doesn’t require water or a basin. It is a devices based on reflexology principles which applies pressure to reflex points around your feet. With a foot spa, you have to use your hands to scrub and exfoliate but with a massager, all you need to do is to place your feet in the slot and the massager will take it up from there. After a session, relax the feet and feel the stress go away.

What To Look For In A Foot Spa

When it comes to buying a foot spa, it can get confusing as there are too many options available in the market.

1. Size
Typically, the size of the foot spa machine matters. You need to figure out this feature before going out to purchase a foot spa. Ideally, you will need a foot spa that your feet can fit into comfortably so you feel relaxed during the sessions.

2. Temperature
Most of the foot spas on the market tend to come with a heating mechanism that turns the water to warm water where you soak and relax the feet into. But, very few foot spas come with a heat adjustment feature which is equally as important as the heating mechanism. With the heat adjustment feature, you can control the water temperature at will. You can adjust the temperature of the water so it doesn’t damage your feet.

3. Massage Rollers
This feature offers thee reflexology treatment that relieves pressure built up on the pain points of your feet. Budget foot spas don’t come with this features, so if you want a foot spa with massage rollers, you might have to fork out more money than you expected. Some foot spas have massage rollers that spin while others work by moving your feet back and forth over the rollers.

4. Water Jet or Bubbles
When you purchase basic foot spas, they might not come with water jets. Water jets are quite stimulating for the reflex zones in the feet as it helps improve blood circulation in those areas.
If you intend to have a full spa treatment, you should consider buying a foot spa with a water jet.

Now that you know what to look for when buying a foot spa, let’s look at how to set up a foot spa.

How To Set Up A Foot Spa

Setting up a foot spa for your home is not as stressful as most people make it out to be. It only takes a couple of minutes to get it done and you should have everything you need ready.

The first step is to prepare the necessary items in the foot spa box properly. You’ll also need to gather some essential items together such as a foot lotion, foot brush; file, scrub, hand towel and salts, if you wish to add them.

Once this is done, you need to wash your feet thoroughly in the bathroom to prevent dirt from going inside as this could lead to bacteria breeding within the machine’s interior.

You will then place your feet into the foot spa, but ensure it is placed directly on the floor so you can receive the full effects of the treatment.

Sit on a comfortable chair since you will be in that position for a while. Once you turn on the foot spa, you will notice a stream of water will gush out and then you can place your feet inside the machine. Soak your feet inside for around 15 minutes before switching it off.

Once you’re halfway into using the foot spa, you can then add essential oils and salts so they can work their magic on your feet. At this stage also, you can file your feet using the foot file or brush. Once you’re done, you should wash your feet so that any trace of essential oil or salt will disappear.